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Look for some footage of the "The Deathbox Expression Session" in the new upcoming pool riding documentary "CHLORINE" by English filmmakers Julie Angel and Milan Spasik - we saw the trailer and it is SICK!

Pinapple, Hackett, and some of the Tum Yeto family of hard core pool rippers have been seen hopping fences, barging backyards, and infiltrating backyard pools from San Diego to Salba land - ripping, tearing, and shredding all coping and Deathboxes in sight compiling footage for their first video "TALES FROM THE DEATHBOX" to be released sometime next year.

The new line of Deathbox Pro decks will be out and available by the end of March / early April (right around the time of the release of the award winning "Dogtown and Z-Boys film in theaters everywhere (check out Jay Adams and Hackett in that one.) Look for some very different shapes, sizes, concaves, graphics, and just about everything you've never seen as Deathbox riders Adams, Hackett, Pineapple, Folmer, Inouye, Bowman, Blackhart, and Ruml go against all the rules to once again tweak the minds of the current skate grommet and population at large...

Speaking of grommets, Deathbox has signed mini ripper Nathan Groff (8) to it's competition / flow team and is on a worldwide search for all around hard core skaters ("all around" means you skate EVERYTHING) to represent, so if you think you got what it takes to "Ride The Box" send in your photos, vid's, emails and photos of your girlfriend to:

Shoe news: Jay Adams has been signed and is working on a new signature shoe with Osiris along with David Hackett. This shoe will blow minds. Hackett is now sponsored by Osiris, Indy, and Black Leather Racing for this years TLP slalom racing series. The first race "Battle by the Bay" will be held in San Francisco's Presidio Park on March 23-24.

Deathbox is also one of the sponsors of the Kona Skate park annual Banked Slalom event - look for Pinapple and Hackett to represent speed.

On a personal note, Deathbox pros and legendary Z-boys Jay Adams and Wentzle Ruml have been getting some killer surf lately. Jay stuffing 8-10 foot barrels at Rocky Point in Hawaii, while Wentzle has been slashing and carving 6-8 foot perfection in the British Virgin Islands.

Pineapple, Hackett, and Bowman were seen sessioning the Coronado skate park testing their new prototypes. Bowman blew minds with Inverts, and airs until Pineapple devastated everyone with a 30-foot+board slide in the deep end, which included a high speed, blur down the elevator section of the coping.

Tom Inouye was last reported tearing up some deep, deep powder and hucking his body off some sick cliffs up on Mt. Hood. This year both High Cascade and Windells' snowboard Camps have added Skate camps. Look for Tom up there on a recruiting mission for new Deathbox riders.

Folmer and Blackhart were last seen leaving on a secret pool/pipe mission and have been missing for 6 days and 7 nights. Anybody with any information of their whereabouts should immediately contact

Posted March 27th, 2002 by Hackett

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