Zero Feverish news.

Filming for Dying to Live continues at a feverish pace. All day drives/flights are going down to film one trick. The most recent took the boys to Phoenix, 20 minutes after arrival a trick was on tape and they were back on the road home to San Diego. A world tour to premier the video in all the major cities around the globe is in the works, keep checking for updates.

On March 27th most of the Zero team is flying down-under for a 3-week tour of OZ. In attendance will be: Jamie, Mumford, Ryan Smith, John Rattray, Adrian Lopez, Jon Allie and Lee-Dog. Check out for a schedule of cities and going onses.

I told you once before, I'll tell you again, Lopes' new Circa shoe is selling like hotcakes. Get a pair now if you haven't already, it's not hype, it's a damn good shoe.

Check out the Transworld photo issue for a nice shot of Mumford b/s nose blunting...

The new issue of 411 has a day in the life of Jamie Thomas. It documents the trip Jamie took to Kansas City earlier this year. Some cold weather skating, ramp building and autograph signing definitely go down. Wiggins and Mirko even have cameos. Good stuff. Get it now cause JT's spot alone is worth shelling out some loot for.

Rattray is hanging tight in Scotland awaiting the arrival of his Visa.

Watch for an Adrian Lopez interview in an upcoming Strength.

Lindsey Robertson has a check out in the works for Strength.

Posted March 27th, 2002 by Billy W.
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