Toy Machine News from the front.

Toy Machine is busily working on its massive summer tour schedule. Possibly around June, the team will be heading out on the open road for several weeks of tooth and nail demoing. Everywhere including the cancelled demos from last year’s buskined tour. There is also some talk about a mini European tour.

Also, look out for Toy Machine’s 3 set DVD. The first will have never before released and much anticipated Live, plus Heavy Metal together. Then the second will have Welcome to Hell, the third Jump off a Building. All with never before seen special features. Keep your ears tuned to this for sure!

Austin Stephens has just broken into the unwieldy world of mobile communications with his new cell phone. Austin also just got the cover of skateboarder, to be out in…. right now! Plus! He has taken up residency with Ed Templeton in OC. These two cats living together is a double threat!

Speaking of OC, VH-1 has been tracking Ed Templeton down for an interview about living in OC. I’m assuming this interest in OC has been stirred up by the movie Orange County. As soon as I here anything about an airdate, I’ll be sure to let you’ all know.

For 2 weeks in March Diego and Austin Stephens are cruzing down to Argentina to skate and shoot for Diego’s upcoming Skateboarder interview. Good Stuff!

Posted February 27th, 2002 by Poo Poo Head.

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