Zero Zero or Die!

In darkest January, Jamie did a one man, 24 hour in-and-out, demo in Kansas City that was insane. The ground was frozen, Jamie had to rebuild the whole setup by hand (rocks, skateboards and other ghetto tools were employed), even so, the demo lasted hours. The grueling demo didn't keep Jamie from going on an all night skate mission with Mirko, Wiggins and Lee in tow. That's a rough crew. After that it was a quick flight to Hawaii for some chillin', then off to Japan for a tour with Circa. Matter o' fact, he's still in Japan.

Rattray flew back to Scotland to retrieve his Visa, upon returning he will be in the US of A for an extended stay. Rattray's the best thing out of Scotland since The Rezillos, but I guess you know that by now. Come on...Rezillos...Punk Band...Scottish...

Jon Allie is officially living the thug life now that he's sporting cornrows. A player in the making, he's been handing out beat downs at the Zero Park on a regular basis. He's also been getting a grip of coverage, peep the Skater of the Year issue of Thrasher for some.

Adrian Lopez is filming his ass off, but during down time he's been playing some drums and catching quick flights to Vegas. There have been at least 3 trips to Vegas in the last month (that he'll admit to), but I suspect more. No reports on whether he's winning or loosing $$ on these trips but word has it that one of his cohorts on the last trip dropped a cool 2 g's...Keep in mind, that's a homie without a shoe deal. Speaking of shoes, get yourself some of Adrian's new Circas, they come with a heap of goodies and are badass. Shops around here sold out of their first shipments within days.

Ryan Smith has been lurking lately. Right now he's in Canada, but soon he'll be back in San Diego. Check out the spankin' new RDS video cause he has a killer part in it. CCS is now sponsoring the young Canadian, so he'll be making regular appearances in their catalogues and videos (?)

Matt Mumford is enjoying his new house. Enough Said. Also spotted at the usual hangout (Zero Park) with Chad Bartie. Man when those two get together to skate it's enough to make a brotha sick.

Lindsey Robertson is holding it down in Ft. Lauderdale.

Bobier is holding it down in Encinitas.

Everybody is filming.

Posted February 27th, 2002 by Oooh Billy!

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