Tum Yeto Inferior Media.

Strength March 2002: Chris Pastras sounds off in Sound Off!

Transworld May 2002: Starting point with Ethan Fowler, pg. 124. Trick tip with Justin Strubing, pg. 127. Ed Templeton feebles grinds a virgin rail, pg. 186. Jamie Thomas 5-0s a bunch/water gap, pg. 189. Justin Strubing, b’s 180 over some stuff, pg. 250-251. Jon Allie get gnarl on page 293. Jon Allie gets a check out pg. 372.

Slap April 2002: Congrats to Slap for an amazing 10 years!!! Jamie Thomas on page 12. Ed Templeton feebles a grind on page 75. A small photo of Jason Adams on page 97. Kris Markovich, b/s smith page 107. John Rattray, gap to f/s tail, pg. 110. Caswell Berry on a tall b/s lip, pg. 116.

Thrasher April 2002: Austin Stephens, pg. 131. Caswell Berry page 134. Ryan Smith pg. 140. Jon Allie page 142. Richie Belton page 144. Ethan Fowler goes stale fish on page 153. Ethan again! Over the back lip pg, 163.

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