Zero Winner for January!

New study suggests that bees can think! However, the new study proved that they can not. Our very own Andrew elmo is the first winner of the year. And he has got the fever! He wins the new Firebird deck, the Zero rip-stop cargo pants, a set of 52mm green punk wheels, Blackwidows, 2 tees, a skull beanie, Zero or Die cap, a skull embossed belt, a new skull embossed bracelet, a pair of skull socks, a new Army zip-up sweatshirt, a skull banner and a Tum Yeto flag, plus a hand full of stickers! This heavy box was sent to elmo's house in Dearborn, Michigan.

Now split like siamese twins, and one of you die. Click here to enter next months drawing.

Posted February 15th, 2002 by el ztaffo

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