Foundation Foundation Team News.

Look for the new 411 issue 49 DVD and see the Foundation team on the Tragic Hysteria Tour!

The Foundation team will also have the controlled chaos section in 411 issue # 52 coming out in Spring.

The Scariest Man in skateboarding Jon "Spits" West just finished up the Board Kennel video which is his local skate shop video. The word on the streets is that the video is great with a lot of very talented underground skaters.

Daniel "The Butterfly" Shimizu is working on a Big Brother interview due out this Summer.

Justin "Speed and Style" Strubing has been seen shredding the streets of Norcal filming for the upcoming Emerica video and has also been working on a Big Brother interview.

Tony "#1 AM" Silva has been shooting a lot for the upcoming AM issue in Transworld and has an endless stockpile of amazing footage! This kid is so amazing so keep a lookout for a Tony Silva section is one of those upcoming video's?

The Amazing Mike Rusczyk is on the rode to recovery after getting knee surgery 3 months ago. He will be ripping again soon and is a pro model in the works?

Power House Ethan Fowler just finished up a Heckler Interview and has been busy working on his TWS interview due out just in time for his Pro Vans shoe campaign to hit the magazines. Ethan has also been shooting articles for Thrasher and Skateboarder. Ethan has also recently scored a sponsorship deal with Fender guitars for his musical escapades.

Foundation is working on the upcoming Controlled Chaos for 411 due April 1st for issue #52. Ethan Fowler is working on his TWS Pro spotlight due out this summer.

Look for the new Foundation "Pop Top" board construction that makes the boards thinner, lighter, stiffer and stronger.

Foundation has a great new backpack with a fresh new design out now that has everything you need for your traveling needs.

Foundation Skateboarding will take over the world in 2002!

Posted January 30th, 2002 by el ztaffo
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