Pig Wheels New Pig Wheel riders.

New Pig Wheels riders include Austin Stephens, Corey Duffle, and J.P. Ladd, Everyone is making the switch to Pig because people are realizing that Pig has the best formula which makes the Fastest, Most Durable wheels on the market and don't flat spot like our competitors wheels. Join the Pig Army Today!

Because of the overwhelming demand not to change the design of the Pig backpacks, Pig backpacks has kept it's Functional design and changed the material to a lighter weight. Going on a trip this Spring? Don't forget your Pig Duffle Bag! Pig Duffle Bags are flying off the shelves so get them before they are gone.

New Pig stretch denim pants are in and are said to be the best new pant to come along in years, great fit, no more binding, most comfortable pant ever.

New wheels from Pig include the Pig Kiss Series for all rocking Kiss fans, New Punk Flag wheels, and New Pig Thin Cuts "Out Now!" with Animal Slayer Graphics. Pro Series is still available. Pig Wheels are the most durable Wheels EVER!

Posted January 30th, 2002 by el ztaffo

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