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Jamie Thomas is on fire. In case you haven't seen all of the footage and coverage the Chief has gotten lately let me give you some hints on where to look. Jamie recently had a full interview in Slap Magazine, which revealed his Bitchin 69 Camaro Z/28. This interview is like no other so you should track down a copy and enjoy. He also has a heads in Thrasher, which is a mini interview. That's where you can get some inside scoop on The new ZERO video "DYING TO LIVE". Of course the icing on the cake would have to be Jamie's part in the world renowned CHOMP ON THIS. I would assume you have already seen this video and if you haven't you suck. You have to buy it now. It brings skateboarding back down to earth and to an enjoyable level. Check back soon for more info on the Chief.

Matt Mumford. The Mutt has also been a busy man. Matt's part in the new Globe video is more than amazing. Another video you should run out and buy. Matt also brought the New Year in the right way. Rumor has it he was in Las Vegas at a Guns and Roses concert. You know you're jealous! You can imagine the fun he was having that night, Man, I'm jealous too. Matt has been juggling a few things like filming for the New ZERO video "DYING TO LIVE", Traveling back to the homeland for a Globe video premier tour and to see Homies, Family and drink some great Aussie beer and moving out from his old crib and into a new one. We all wish him well in his new clubhouse.

Adrian Lopez. Lopes is all over the place. He's hard to keep up with these days. He's definitely the most illusive team rider. He's obviously been logging non-stop hours of filming, Like everyone else on the ZERO ARMY. He has also been frequently stopping in at Black Box to cause what ever trouble he can. His new C1rca shoe is one of the best skate shoes ever. You should ask your shop to order a thousand pairs just to make sure you get a pair before they are sold out. If you live in the San Diego area be on the look out for this guy on the freeway. He'll definitely run you off the road.

John Rattray. John has been putting the finishing touches on making the skateboard dream come true. He has made the huge move from Scotland to California and brought his lady with him. He just got his first American apartment practically next door to the Zero house and is in the market for a car. If anyone would like to donate a car to the Rattray car relief fund feel free to call Black Box. Other than getting his American life going Rattray has been taking out spots and ripping every terrain in his path. Any doubts please see his front board in his first Zero ad located in Transworld Skateboarding Magazine. More on Scotland's finest coming soon.

Ryan Smith. Ryan is One of the newest Am's on Zero and his spot on the Zero Team is well deserved. He has too much coverage to list and always on a constant mission to get footloose. Be on the look out for his photos in the upcoming am issue of Transword. On top of filming for "DYING TO LIVE" Ryan is also filming for an RDS and DC Shoes video due to be out sometime soon so when you see it in a shop buy and peep his skills. He has been in the U.S. for a little over a month with homie and Photographer Scott Pommier and since these two are always together nothing goes un-photographed or un-documented. If you happen to see either of these guys out in the world challenge them to a game of chess. They'll be down for giving you a battle.

Ryan Bobier. Bobier has finished his part in the new Adio video and his main focus now is "DYING TO LIVE". His part in the Adio video was great a follow up to his debut part in Misled Youth a few years back. Little Bobier is not so little anymore and becoming a respected man in Skateboarding these days. He has just gotten his first car and rolling around uncontrollably bumping beats with the newly acquired stereo system. He's a frequent at the Zero Park docking endless amount of hours training for real life situations. More on Bobier coming soon.

Jon Allie. Jon is another new killer on the Zero Army. This kid is just amazing on a skateboard. He can skate the Zero Park for longer than anyone. He has been seen lately on the cover of Thrasher doing tricks on shaky rails, which proves he has the balls to be one of the new soldiers on the army. He could use a haircut or maybe an Afro pick but other than that he's a cool cat. He is one of the permanent residents at the Zero house, which just happens to be a few blocks from Jon's playground, the Zero Park, Lucky Jon. His first Zero ad is coming soon so be on the look out.

Lindsey Robertson. Lindsey was the mystery kid on flow for a while. He has finally proved his skills enough to be added to the Zero Team and is opening eyes all over. He had some hammer shots in the Zero Hero tour section in Transworld and more is on the way. Lindsey lives in Miami and isn't scared to tell you that. He spent a month in California at the Zero house recently making lists of tricks to be done and checking it twice. He has a special room at the Zero house named after him called (The Players Club). Well it's actually a closet but he's a little guy so it was fitting to his bird chest and tiny arms. Lindsey's skating is going to speak for itself in the future but until then scan every magazine for special sightings of his skills and what he's been up to. He has legs of steel so if you have a gap in your town you'd like to see someone jump down, Lindsey is the guy to do it. Lindsey is scheduled to return to California in February to try and finish his part for "DYING TO LIVE" which is going to make a lot of people recognize. More later.

Posted January 30th, 2002 by Wiggins

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