Dekline Mallorca Update #1

Ok, so if you haven't read on this blog already, November 10th I embarked on a trip to Mallorca with fellow Stereo teammate Olly Todd, and fellow Dekline European riders Soy Panday and Peter Molec. Also along for the journey were Liam Rea, our Scottish Filmer, Benjamin Debert our photographer from Kingpin and culinary expert, and Jamie Fontecilla, Spanish tour guide and all around ripper. The crew was tight, as we all know the first start to any good skate journey is your crew, and this was a good one. 
Mallorca is like one big skatepark let me tell you, I had no idea. Oh, and I forgot to mention, I found out at the airport that I would have no cell reception, and arrived to no internet. 7 days with no contact with the outside world, for a busy body like myself, that was daunting...I hadn't been without cell or internet for a week in probably 10 years. It wound up being all for the best though, more focus on skate time.
Toddy-Airport_tiny.gif Soy-Toddy-Rain_tiny.jpg Crew-at-Bank-spot_tiny.jpg Jamie-Rain_tiny.jpg Balcony-View_tiny.jpg Toddy-Rain_tiny.jpg Peter-and-Soy_tiny.jpg Dune-n-Jamie-Art-store_tiny.jpg Crew-in-Bar_tiny.jpg
Toddy contemplating...
Posted December 18th, 2008 by wrench
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