Ruckus Metal Ruckus is available now!

Ruckus trucks are available now! They are literally flying out the door. is up! Lots of cool stuff to check out, products, team, dealer info, downloads and wall paper. Look for Ruckus bushings and risers due out by Christmas. Patended bearings and tool will be out by spring. Ruckus pros are Jason Adams, Ethan Fowler and Kris Markovich. New AM Don Nygun. Ruckus owns you!

The Nuge, Don Nguyn has just been picked up as Ruckus Metalís first AM. He is joining one of the (already) sickest truck teams in history Jason Adams, Ethan Fowler and Kris Markovich. The Nuge has also picked up some new treads over at Hurley. Watch for The Nuge, Kris Markovich and Justin Roy in the new Hurley video.

Posted November 8th, 2001 by el ztaffo ka-daffo

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