Tum Yeto Coup D'etat 3.

Tum Yeto's Coup D'etat 3 was a huge success! It was 3 days of binge drinking, partying and skateboarding - A time when you get to meet the face behind the phone. A time to show your new products. Highlights include naked chicks, spitting on people contests, dog bites, lots of fish, undercover VICE, I even saw some guy get the pee pee on when he was passed out. Not to mention the new products. Everything was looking tough! New product highlights include the new Foundation pro graphics, Ruckus reflective trucks, all the Hollywood goods, Toy Machine bad Turtle boy dezigns, Zero rails and new Pig logos.

If you missed it, (which you probably didn't cause the place was packed!) See you next year, maybe.

Posted September 12th, 2001 by el ztaffo

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