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-Jamie Thomas-
Jamie Thomas has been busy with a Zero U.S. tour that was off the hook. If you didn't get a chance to see the Zero U.S. tour you should slit your wrist, or wait until next year. He also just finished up a weeklong stay at a skate camp in Canada called Young Life. If you haven't heard of it maybe you should do some research for next years visit. The word is it's funner than hell. He is currently on a Canada tour with Circa homies and fellow Zero riders including new Zero ripper John Rattray. On top of all of this his main focus has been the new Zero video Dying To Live which is due out whenever it's finished. Also be on the look out for a Jamie Thomas interview in an upcoming Slap Magazine issue. Let's see, what else? Jamie will be in Japan for a week or two in September on yet another Circa trip. Those shoe boys go everywhere. Lucky rats.

-Matt Mumford-
The Mutt has been working hard filming for both Dying To Live and a new Globe video. He will have amazing parts in these videos so be sure to scrape your dirty pocket change together and purchase both. His new shoe is out now and ready for the shredding of any type of terrain, just like him. And since he was generous enough to give me a pair, I can say they are very very good. He just returned from a film trip to the Philly area where he ruined a lot of public property and returned home safely and with a smile. That alone guarantees the trip was a success.

-Adrian Lopez-
Adrian has also been a busy man this summer. Both Zero and Circa have been flying him all over for demos and autograph signings. I'm sure he's all tuckered out. His main focus now is obviously Dying To Live. His part is sure to make you keel over with belly pains. He is also rumored to be attending Japan with The Chief and the rest of the Circa posse. Be on the look out.

-John Rattray-
If you haven't heard of John Rattray start your research now. He is one of the most talented skateboarders I've ever seen. You can check him out in the Blueprint video if you'd like to start your search there. He killed it on the Zero U.S. tour and although he's the newest rider on Zero, you can expect a top-notch part in Dying To Live. He's currently on the Circa Canada trip with Jamie and expects to be living in Southern California; hopefully, by the time you read this. Rattray is from Scotland and is a pleasant little fellow, if you happen to see him anywhere you should say hello and buy him a pint. Check back soon for more information.

-Jon Allie-
Jon Allie, Let's see.... Ok, here we go. Jon moved out to San Diego a little over a year ago. Since then he's picked up a spot on the Zero team. Not bad at all. He was also present on the Zero U.S. tour, and like the rest of the Zero team, he was ripping. He has a few pages in the new Thrasher so you can check that out for an up close view of the carnage he's been creating. Anything else? I actually just talked to Jon and he told me not to put anything about him in the Zero news, I guess he wants to be the man of mystery, too bad for him. He is also looking for a new apartment in the Carlsbad area with his homie Wiggins; so if your moving anytime soon and you live in that area, give it up fool! And if you see him anywhere and there is a flat bar present, challenge him to a game of SKATE. Let me know if you win, he's the current champion.

-Ryan Bobier-
Like Mumford, Ryan is filming for two videos, he'll have full parts in both the new Adio video (expected out sometime around the September/November area, so when your local shop gets it, buy it. You wont be disappointed) and...Dying To Live. Bobier was also present during the entire Zero U.S. tour. Every kid that saw him must have been green with envy after witnessing the amount of talent this kid brought to their town. He's been nothing but on-point and breaking it off, so be on the look out.

Posted August 29th, 2001 by El Staffo

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