Tum Yeto Go Skateboarding Day San Diego!

Image Description Here June 21st 12pm. I will be taking you through the day and making this online photo extravaganza a experience. Grab a snack, turn off your phone, and prepare for total blog overload. Well I do have coffee in front of me so that helps with the enthusiasm. Image Description Here Image Description Here The day was bleeding skateboarding... Image Description Here Chula Vista has a big skatepark. I can't think of anything else to say about this photo. Image Description Here The line to skate the double set at the park where the DJ was set up also. Image Description Here Whats that in the background of the DJ booth? Oh yeah we... Image Description Here had a dunk tank. I can't believe somebody actually let us rent a dunk tank from them. Image Description Here Dunked. Image Description Here Whats that in the background. Whys there a kid hanging on the fence? Image Description Here Oh yeah its not a kid just a life sized super man skater pinata. Image Description Here More on the pinata later... Back to the dunk tank. Image Description Here watch out Nolan Ryan and Randy Johnson are up to throw... Image Description Here Goodbye. Image Description Here Goodbye. Image Description Here This little guy loved the dunk tank. He was in it for hours. The only thing was that he kept getting tired so you had to physically grab him and put him back on the seat. Image Description Here If you went in fully clothed you came up on new pants and tee's from us. Image Description Here Random product tosses went on throughout the day. Every kid walked away with something. Image Description Here After dunk tanking and product tossing we were best tricking... Image Description Here Instead of shooting it like a skate contest we decided to shoot it like a dance off. Image Description Here hmm.. the shoulder blade slide.. thats a new one. Image Description Here The run and jump on your back move... this was a crowd favorite... Image Description Here I haven't seen this one for ages. The confused backwards butt spin. Whew. Thats some Shakira shit right there. Image Description Here The confused backwards butt spin was matched by the sideways version. Things were really starting to heat up at this point. Image Description Here The arm pump 360 blind sided spin! Image Description Here The butt cheak only levitating tornado was one of the final good dance moves I saw that day. Boy was it eventful. Image Description Here But seriously...these guys won the contest. Stay tuned for the video we are editing right now. Image Description Here When I got back from the dance off Tod was being interviewed by Channel 6 news. Image Description Here We decided that wasn't exciting enough for us so we did a product toss around him mid interview. You are welcome Tod. Image Description Here I spy with my little eye Tod bailing on the interview(can you find him?). Fun game huh? Image Description Here We wrapped up the go skateboarding day at Chula Vista skatepark and prepared for the skate from the park to the new Overload Skateshop 3 miles away. Image Description Here We took over the streets with roughly 75 kids or so. Image Description Here I was in the middle of the group. I saw the most epic board getting ran over scene ever. Wish I would've been quick enough to shoot a sequence of it for you. It went like this...me skating down a hill, me seeing a kid fall and his board shoot towards a large oversized truck in the other line coming towards us, me saying to myself this is going to be epic, the board being ran over twice, me patting myself on the back because it was epic, me laughing, the TumYeto van picking the kid up that just got his board focused, the TumYeto staff giving him a new board, the kid being stoked that he came to our Go Skateboarding Day event even though his board got ran over. the end of the story. Moving on... Image Description Here Our Pinata was being taken prisoner to the skate shop so we could break him open. Kinda sad considering he was already a amputee. Image Description Here How come the pinata people made him legs but no arms? Hmmm...anyways...we brought him to the shop so we could break him open. Image Description Here Instead of sticks we use skateboards. Hey just don't knock off his hands oh wait he doesn't have any anyways. Swing away buddy... Image Description Here Let me take you back to the day before Go Skateboarding Day and show you what we filled him with. Stickers, Candy, DVDs, tech decks, 1 hat, and wheels. Ok now back to the day... Image Description Here Good luck surviving the pit of kids ripping the pinata in pieces. Literally...pieces...I have proof. Image Description Here SHIT! You now are a amputee with no head.. or a head and no body. Sorry my friend. Its been fun. Image Description Here Apparently he was filled with candy and not blood and a heart and lungs and organs and bones and stuff. Image Description Here We held one last product toss and called it a day. Thanks to everyone that came out. Especially Aaron from Overload and Chula Vista skatepark and all the sponsors. Without all of you this could not have happened. Respect.
Posted June 22nd, 2008
it still ain\\\'t the UMS, close but the cameras,girlfriends,hang-arounds and cars seems weak. love you guys, sorry about the fire extingusier in the bus!!!!
Posted By: HeatHen on March 21st, 2012 at 04:13PM PST
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