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Image Description Here We had a little shindig with Pharmacy planned at 5pm. Ragdoll made it out. Image Description Here You would think the green shirt that Gareth is wearing would symbolize all the money he has won so far in Vegas. Well lets just say thats not the case here. Whatever the color of being down a couple hundred is he should be wearing. Image Description Here We all loaded into our vehicles and drove to the skate spot that we would be judging a contest at. Some chose cars others chose motorcycles. Image Description Here We were rolling deep. Image Description Here The spot was like this slab of concrete with homemade obstacles. Image Description Here We held a best trick contest on the handrail. Image Description Here Image Description Here Bart watch out theres a lifted truck about to run your ass over. Image Description Here Matt Ball showed up. Image Description Here David and Alex helped judge the contest. Image Description Here This kid is the winner. I forget your name but I don't forget the switch heelflip bluntslide you did down the rail. After the contest we decided to hit the streets again to skate. Little did we know we would run into a little problem. Image Description Here But with our quick instincts a bad situation turned good real quick. Heres the story. So we went to look at a rail. Security drove up so without even questioning it we just got in our cars and tried to leave. We weren't even skating the rail. Just looking. Anyways the security guard took all our plates down and tried to somewhat block us in. We broke free and just left peacefully. Little did we know we were being followed by him. Little did he know he picked a van full of dance party music listening kids to mess with. Image Description Here So we did the smart thing and kept driving. Then stopping. Then driving. Then stopping. Seeing how far we could push him. We would just drive in circles around a median in the road, he followed. It was 3am in a residential area so no one was out but us. Then we did the smart thing and flipped the script on him. We blocked the security guard in on the main street so he couldn't leave. And then got out and talked to him. He immediately said he would go about his way. See with some quick thinking like us you can get yourself out of any situation. Goodnight.
Posted April 10th, 2008
thats kickass
Posted By: Thomas aka Bigfoot on April 10th, 2008 at 06:59AM PST
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