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Zero news straight from the man, Billy Weatherford:
There are two types of skaters in the world: Those waiting for the Dying to Live to come out and those sucking. The video will be better than all previous Zero videos, perhaps all other videos period. Everybody on the team is skating their ass off while managing to stay injury free, expect top-notch video parts from the entire team. Rumored to be in the works, by someone other than Zero, is a video documenting skateboard trend hopping called Part Time Punks.

Check out the September 2001 issue of TWS for a Pro Spotlight on Matt Mumford. Matt is also on the cover mid Frontside Feeble. The ProFile is damn good with loads of pictures and a legit interview. It appears that many of the photos in the article were snapped during Matt’s many trips to Australia. Matt also has a shoe coming soon from Globe; scope the issue of TWS with his interview for an ad. All this has been going down while filming for the upcoming Zero vid. Matt is on a rampage.

Trainwreck quit November Clothing and is rumored to have picked up a shoe deal, hang tight for more details. He also packed his bags and made the move from Oceanside to West Hollywood. The move has not been completely smooth as he was bounced from his first apartment after a mere three days. Trainwreck is currently in the market for a more party friendly apartment that he will be sharing with long-time homey/cohort Jay Thorpe.

Jamie Thomas has designed and built a training facility for the Zero team located somewhere in the San Diego area. Even uncompleted the park has already been host to some serious sessions. Jamie and Adrian just returned from a European tour with Circa. The Euros were psyched to say the least. Jamie’s new Circa shoe, the JT 801, will be out in August. Check them out in the TWS September 2001 Circa ad. The same issue has an article documenting Adrian’s trip to New Zealand with some of the Circa Posse. JT has also been hard at work at BlackBox Distribution, Innes Clothing and Monster Trucks.

Bobier has been working on dual video parts. Video number one is, of course, Dying To Live. He is also working on a part for a new Adio video which will be premiering at the September ASR. Ryan went on the Tum Yeto am tour en route to Canada. Other than that he’s been ripping in Encinitas and collecting footage.

In the works now is a three-week Zero Tour to begin mid-July. More news on that as it develops. The Zero Fiend Club is coming soon.

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