Tum Yeto Slam Shitty Jam.

It is very cold in Vancouver. Even during the spring. The TY crew was there 2 weeks ago for Slam City Jam and let me tell ya, there was still snow in the mountains (which aren't very far from the city). I hear it's extremely cold in Antartica. Ice and snow all year round. If you look at it on a map it's always white. There must be something to the color white. White doesn't absorb heat very well. Black absorbs heat. So why isn't Arizona or the middle east colored black on a map? On the weather channel heat is represented in red and cold is blue. On maps the borders of states, cities and nations are black. Maybe it's hot on all the borders?????

Check out...

Brian Anderson's run.

Brad Staba's run.

Jamie Thomas's 5-0.

Posted May 15th, 2001 by el staffo

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