Foundation I guess you could call it a update

Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here With the holidays nearing I've been catching up with the team to figure out all they're plans... -Corey just got back from the Osiris video tour in Europe and will be at home for the holidays with his family. He is back to rolling around again on a skateboard. -Gareth has been busy with all that goes in to having a new house. Painting and decorating constantly. Expect new Gareth Foundation and Pig ads to follow shortly... -Nuge splurged and had Christmas for himself a bit early. Turned his garage into some sort of fight club style gym. Complete with punching bag and speed bag. Also purchasing a new huge TV for his house. Hes now trying to make it back to Oklahoma for the holidays. -Mike just got back from a short trip in Chicage to skate. Now back in northern California working on a 411vm part. -Sierra returned yesterday from Montana where he visited his family. He will be back until the weekend when he flys out for Christmas with the girlfriend. -Abdias will be heading back to Tampa, FL for the holidays. Spending time with both his family and also his friends at The Skatepark of Tampa. Following the holidays you can catch him at Tampa Am in January. -Angel is in Hawaii right now with Volcom. Must be a nice change compared to the snow in Colorado that David was telling me about. After the Hawaii trip its back to snowy Colorado for Angel to hibernate the holidays away with some video games and myspacing... -David decided the snow was too much for him and is flying out on the 1st of January back to sunny southern California after spending Christmas with his family. Look for Davids first Foundation ad to hit any day now. Its a doozy. -Tommy has been training in the desert lately at his local skatepark. Spending the holidays at home in Indio, CA.
Posted December 12th, 2007
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