Tum Yeto Tour news.

The boys are back from Japan and reported a rainy, but “kick ass time”. Through much adversity, the demos went off! The demos drew so many people that the Chinese government came over to see what the round-eyes were doing. They were so impressed that they were going to turn the hostages over to Ed Templeton and start a democratic rule. One nation under skateboarding! Except that someone hucked a live round of fire extinguisher off a 9th floor balcony. No one was hurt. Darn!

What’s up with Europe! It seems as though everyone’s going to Europe these days. Kris Markovich on the Tony Hawk tour. Jamie Thomas and Adrian Lopez on the Circa tour. Jeez! I’m already missing everyone!

Toy Machine has kicked into high gear planning their summer tour. Ed Templeton, Brian Anderson, Brad Staba, Elissa Steamer and Austin Stephens. The tour will start in Massachusetts on May 12th.

Posted April 17th, 2001 by Yuck Fou

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