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Image Description Here T.G.I. Ov's. Thank God I'm Ov's was the modo for last friday. You see the boss man thought it would be funny to scare a few people in the office with a suprise. Not a good heres free lunch or take the day off suprise but the sketchy kind of suprise. The Plan - making a window in the office overlooking part of the warehouse without the people knowing it was about to happen. Since the upstairs(A team) is seperated from the downstairs(B team) a lot can go on with out us knowing.. Little did they(B team) know that they calculated the whole project wrong. So everyone(A team) is minding there own business when all of a sudden shit just starts breaking through the wall. Since there calculatioins were off they not only took out the window but also a bookshelf full of micellanious items scattering everything across the corner of the office. Scaring the shit out of everyone upstairs... It wasn't the most thought out plan as you can see in the rest of my investigation... Image Description Here We didn't film the construction project so luckily I can compile realistic sketches of events that happend off peoples explanations. I am trying to report this back to you with the least amount of confusion as possible. Image Description Here Heres the bookshelf that went down nearly inches away from where I would've been sitting. No joke I would've either died or been seriously injured. Good thing I don't work much and can be found outside smoking rather than sitting at my desk 95% of the time. Moving on... Image Description Here With the falling of the bookshelf out poured every sample hardgood item we had been collecting for probably the past 15 years or so...I'm just guessing on atleast 15 years of that guess... Image Description Here The success or failure? of the broken window right through our Foundation ad layouts... Image Description Here The close up view shows just how much thought went into this construction project. A total of 10 seconds worth of tying a sledge hammer onto Hacksaw Jim Duggan's piece of wood with shoelaces then onto pallets stacked up. Then drove full speed into the wall where they wanted a window... Image Description Here Yeah real legit guy's... Image Description Here The office is looking good guys, real good... Image Description Here I keep trying to think of something real epic to say but I'm stumped. I wanted to say something like it was like the great flood of 1889 in blah blah blah you know? So I could sound all smart and like I went to school for something smart and then a skateboard job fell in my lap and now I can combine both my talents and impress people with a epic comparison. Well honestly I'm comparing it to the flood in Evan Almighty the movie because well I saw that last week... Image Description Here Yeah we have a lot of crazy wheel samples... Image Description Here Back to this amazing invention downstairs... Image Description Here Some of the crew responsible for this mess... Image Description Here Again luckily I have this skill. After gathering everyones after thoughts I compiled this sketch of what looks like the start of the construction project... Image Description Here Now my view is looking a little bit like this... T.G.I. Ov's...
Posted December 10th, 2007

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