Tum Yeto Bling Fest photos and story

Image Description Here So I drove up to Bling Fest on Saturday. Notice how in this picture you can see mountains in the background if you look close. Its kind of hard to see because all the smog. Nice one Southern California...anyways Image Description Here Tons and Tons and Tons and Tons and Tons of people come out to Bling Fest. But it's kind of confusing trying to figure out why they are all there. My guess is the free stuff that is constantly handed out( i know its not the skating). My other guess is the fact that Blink 182 has a new band or some dude started a new band or something. Something or someone related to Blink 182 was there I heard. So keep that in mind. Image Description Here You wont see to many photos of the Blink 182 related thing playing because I was crowd surfing most the time...just kidding...maybe...but there was a skateboard contest going on also... Image Description Here Heres one of the more techy obstacles of the weekend... Image Description Here Johnny Layton was there ripping... Image Description Here Gareth bluntslide the sketchy hubba to win a houndred bucks... Image Description Here Billy frontside flipped the hip. Image Description Here Gareth also back tailed the prymaid ledge and wait for it...wait for it... Image Description Here bluntslide it too... Image Description Here Gareth won $200 for all his manuevers. Wonder how you spell that word... m-a-n-u-v-e-r-s. Usually hard words like that have like a silent letter for some stupid reason. So I threw in the silent e just for fun... Image Description Here Billy was shredding the double set... Image Description Here He decided to full cab flip it and just win the whole damn contest. Nice one Billy! Image Description Here Nuge congratulated him also. In a more realistic way... Image Description Here Incase some of you out there were wondering what its like to go to the bathroom at Bling Fest...its pretty special... Image Description Here Then I went to the mall...I remember it from last year as being "the best mall ever". Now I'm claiming..."if you have absoloutly nothing to do its better then watching a movie involving a pet dragon and a boy named Aragon in the hotel". Image Description Here Nice invention! hahaha. Not. What are we going back in time? These things were 30 bucks and didn't even include the shoes. They just fit under your existing shoe and you skate around in them. I'm pretty sure we already have: rollerblades, healys, uh..roller skates, hand boards, everything that is exactly the same or atleast way better. But honestly I almost bought them just so I could hate more on them... Image Description Here Nice restraunt! haha..But seriously Nice restraunt! This place is crazy... Image Description Here Just keeps getting better... I forget what this place is called. Probably like Jumanji or something. "Safari Jumangi crazy style eating place" probably, actually yeah now that I think about it. Thats the name forsure. Bet my life on it. Image Description Here Nice alligator entrance. This thing moves and feels like plastic because yeah I touched it! Image Description Here This is about as far as my photo taking adventures went at the jungle restraunt. Because to get other photos I would have actually had to pay for something. And yeah that costs money and stuff...
Posted November 19th, 2007

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