Tum Yeto Infiltration!

Skateboarder March 2001: Win a Zero complete for the best letter contest. pg. 34. Howl! Matt Mumford, backside tail to shove-it out. pg. 44-45.

Big Brother March 2001: Daniel “shimmy” Shimizu backside lipslides a 10 stair rail, pg. 117. Kris Markovich’s raging Bachelor party, pg. 158.

Thrasher March 2001: Australia tour. Brad Staba multi coverage, steals a heavy crooks down 9, pg. 98. Big ollie over the Geza pyramid to the nile, pg. 103. and rocks out sweatpants style on pg. 168. Brian Anderson backside nails down a nose blunt sliding the Bondi mini, pg. 99. Front side blunts all by him self, pg. 102. Lip slides the big wall down-unda, pg.107. 50-50’s a 10’er, pg. 108. Be sure to checkout Alex Gall’s interview to gnarly tail slide on pgs. 116-117. Elissa Steamer getting lit on shots of beer and blasts of red bull, pg. 168.

Strength March 2001: Ed Templeton unyielding destruction, pg.69. Ha, Ha! He said page 69! Brad Staba, front side Tesla board slide, pg. 97. Jamie Thomas, back “in the day” side 180, pg. 98.

Transworld May 2001: Does a Kris Markovich lipslide a turtles back? Of course! on pg. 212. Charlie Thomas backside flips bike lockers on a snapped board, impressive! Pg. 235.

Posted February 21st, 2001 by el staffo

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