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After a lot of blood, frontside kickflippys, sweat, gnarly gappers, sprained ankles, and all that dope sick shit that you've come to expect from Foundation. ART BARS is 90% done. We are putting on all the final touches as we speak. The San Diego premiere will be at the infamous Spreckles Theatre on Friday March 9th. Everyone is invited! Check for a printable map.

The US premiere date will be Sat. March 10th. We know y'all are excited and waiting. Believe you-me we here at command headquarters are just as impatient. We've got premieres scheduled from BFE to Kalamazoo! In the next week watch the and HP news for a list all 40+ premiering shops. Click here for a shop near you.

Posted February 21st, 2001 by el staffo
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