Tum Yeto ASR Infiltration.

The Tum Yeto coup d’etat II was a triumph through mastery. Thanks to our co-operatives, the top secret negotiations helped to further propagate the resistance. Yet again, attendance was astonishing! Freedom fighters from all over the world were stacked to the rafters. Co-operatives plotted infiltration and domination over hor d’oeuvres and drinks. However, freedom has its casualties. While tactically distributing propaganda, el staffo and Uncle Pervy, 2 of Tum Yeto’s co-operatives were nabbed by ASR’s henchmen. They were detained and taken to ASR jail where they where systematically interrogated and held for a $500 ransom. After deliberations ASR called in the LB police and had them arrested for trespassing. Taking one for the cause. LONG LIVE THE MOVEMENT!
Posted February 21st, 2001 by el staffo

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