Toy Machine Extended Coverage: RUSSIA

TRAIN RIDE FROM ST. PETERSBURG TO MOSCOW... Image Description Here We started out for the train station as the sun was setting... Image Description Here Image Description Here At the station we unloaded and slowly leaked to the tracks... Image Description Here Everyone stocked up on drinks for the overnight train. Image Description Here These people started talking to us. The atmosphere was festive. Image Description Here Pasha's girlfreind was making vodka and Coke's for people. She was drinking some sort of alcohol every time I saw her, morning, noon, or night! Image Description Here Deanna and Ed were train buddies with Josh and Austin. Image Description Here Kevin did pull-ups at our door. Image Description Here But most of the time kept to the shadows. We feel lucky we were not involved in the Train Bombing the next day. Check out the Burnout Blog for more photos of Toy Machine in Russia!
Posted August 18th, 2007 by Some Savage Beast
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