Foundation Foundation has been busy

Image Description Here Nuge has been busy moving into his new house in LA. Gareth has been lending a hand in the yard work that needs to be done. Look for a web exclusive interview with Nuge on the Thrasher site this month. Featuring board giveaways of his pro model "Fought The Law". Image Description Here Ever since X games last week Corey has stayed in San Diego. Handling business at Hoven, Osiris and Tum Yeto. Showing us all his part for the upcoming Osiris video "Feed The Need". Corey's interview is wrapped up and will be in the next Thrasher October issue. Image Description Here Abdias has been traveling non stop with Circa lately. After a 2 week stay in Europe he is now back in his hometown Tampa, FL. Look for a article soon on his adventures in Europe. Heard it got a bit crazy. Image Description Here Sierra has also been on the Circa trips with Abdias. Now in Montana with his family enjoying the pro nod that we gave him. Look for Sierra's boards in a skate shop near you the end of this month.
Posted August 8th, 2007
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