Tum Yeto Tum Yeto visits the rodeo

So we got the call that a yearly parade in Pine Valley, CA(45 min east of San Diego) wanted the Worlds Biggest Skateboard in it this year. Thats all it took. We were down. By the way it wasn't a rodeo. They cancelled the rodeo this year. But I still think it sounds cooler than parade. This was a bit and by a bit I mean a lot out of the ordinary for us. But would be good to check out atleast and show our support to the town. By 6:30 am I was at Tum Yeto with a fellow employee loading up the Worlds Biggest Skateboard and everything else we needed for the event. We didn't really know what to expect. By the time we got there and got organized we were pretty excited to be apart of something this huge in the community. Of course I took photos of the experience. Immediately we started up the town nicknames and sayings. There was: Sheriff Ramsy, "what happens in Pine Valley stays in Pine Valley...just kidding nothing happens in Pine Valley", Tractor Tom, "50 dollars for a piece of fire wood" etc etc etc. Even though I do make fun of the situation we really did enjoy ourselves and look forward to next year. Thanks to the Pine Valley community for inviting a couple spoiled city boys to you're parade. Image Description Here Here was the scene. We were group 2 number 22 in line. whatever that meant. so we sat and waited in line until the parade started. Image Description Here Knights in shining armor... Image Description Here I heard that this was the towns comedian. It got weird fast. Image Description Here The Hells Angels were present. Image Description Here I swear the people in the actual parade were 10 times more than the people watching. Is that how its always supposed to be at parades? Im new to this... Image Description Here Heres who we followed. Tractor Tom. Image Description Here So the parade starts and we scramble to gather stuff to throw at people. This is when it got really fun. We managed to bring a box of tech decks, a box of Skateboarders with Angel on the cover of course, t shirts, and some Tum Yeto catalogs. Image Description Here We picked up a couple kids to ride on the board in the parade. Image Description Here Image Description Here our fans...duh Image Description Here excited fan Image Description Here Image Description Here Image Description Here we got this medal for being in the parade... Image Description Here not in San Diego... Image Description Here we followed Tractor Tom and Towing Tim out of the parade Image Description Here no comment. Image Description Here yeah as you can see we fit in nicely around here Image Description Here maybe Louie's knife board is around here because this is starting to look more and more like a Rambo movie. Image Description Here no joke this was sitting in somebody's yard. We had to have it. Image Description Here So we traded for it of course. This is going to be a excellent board for the warehouse. Image Description Here The gas station sold look alike tech decks. Not gonna cut it. Image Description Here We didn't realize there was going to be such a strict policy of no water balloons at the park. Image Description Here oh well Image Description Here Our booth set up was prime. But I don't think anybody cared. Maybe 20 people through out the day came up to us to see what we had going on. The bigger hit was the high school dunk tank filled with boys located behind us in the park. Image Description Here The park rangers were stoked though. Here they are getting there new online dating photos...whoa that was harsh. Sorry. Actually they were really nice and had wives. Image Description Here Did I mention that we were located right next to a petting zoo in the park. Now thats random! But awesome. Image Description Here This little girl was sitting with the chickens in the petting zoo. Image Description Here This is the other side of the park. Image Description Here Back to San Diego!
Posted July 29th, 2007
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