Tum Yeto October Winner

Jenevieve Reid dagrlsk8er@aol.com from Carmel, New York wins Foundation Yuck Fou Deck, 54mm Yuck Fou Wheels, Foundation Woven Beanie, Star and moon v 3.0 Hoody, Star and Moon Chainless Chain Wallet Wallet, Star and Moon Web Belt, Star and Moon v 3.0 tee, Skull Spitting Fire tee, F Gear Work Short, Star and Moon Watch and Circle F Premium Cap! Our first girl winner. Jeez louise. Whose the idiot at Tum Yeto that came up with that prize package? Who ever he is he's fired.
Posted November 1st, 2000 by El Staffo
swg credits
eve isk
ao credits
Rs money
Maple Story Mesos
eq2 plat
eq plat
swg credits
wow power level
ffxi gil
gaia gold
guild wars gold
lineage 2 adena
wow power level
silkroad gold
swg credits
wow gold
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