Toy Machine Josh Bombs and Alley

Image Description Here The one in back of Anti-Social in Vancouver. Josh, Austin and Ed are on the RVCA tour. During the art show an epic mini-ramp jam was going down, and Keegan Sauder skated the whole time in heat like a 450 degree oven. We was sooooo wet. See more photos at the RVCA SKATE BLOG!!!!!
Posted July 15th, 2007 by John Candy didn't get fat from candy, it was beer.
That ramp is always like a sauna! You guys were so sick...

Ed did an impossible rock to fakie first try!
Keegan did an insane frontside ollie to wall smash ( like 4 or 5 feet above the ramp! )
Pretty sure I saw Josh do a nollie noseblunt stall... but everything he did was so sick anyways! there were probably about 10 people skating this tiny ramp so it was hard to keep track of the insanity! Such a great demo...
Posted By: Phil on July 16th, 2007 at 12:42AM PST
That was sick.But still,smile?I'm under attack here.My feet,you see.And more.
Thanks Ed,nice shot of Deanna.The ramp,the tank everything.The cobra look,etc.Wait till I get my hands on that cobra,gonna kill it.Nah.I dont know.
Posted By: Secret on July 16th, 2007 at 01:28AM PST
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