Foundation Foundation Worst Contest ever Contest update

Image Description Here Mike's entry Image Description Here Ted's entry Hey so the worst contest ever contest just got a little more legit. I think the kid that has all the foundation stuff hanging on the wall is winning so far. But I like the deck entry also. Good work guys you're high fives are in the mail...just kidding...maybs. Tomorrow the contest should end around 10am so i have time to send everything out before we leave for christmas break. So send in some more entries people. Here's what its all about if you're just now joining us. Its a contest to prove who is Foundation's biggest fan out there. Show me you're the biggest fan and win. What will you win you decks, wheels, t shirts, stickers, decks possibly if worthy, and you have a chance to be America's Next Top Model also. Hey what other contest out there can you win that much variety? Send pictures to -
Posted December 21st, 2006
is it still the top 5 people??
Posted By: reptarbar on December 21st, 2006 at 11:47AM PST
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