Toy Machine Halloween Mega-Post of Doom: Part 1

So this is part 1 of the Halloween Mega-Thon as seen through Ed Templeton's eyes (and camera)
There will surely be more photos coming soon from Kevin Barnett and Mike Sinclair...
darh-vader-attack_opt_tiny.jpg darth-skates_opt_tiny.jpg billy-revealed_opt_tiny.jpg nicks-costume_opt_tiny.jpg cuteladies_opt_tiny.jpg ed-and-kevinator_opt_tiny.jpg edjohnnyheddings_opt_tiny.jpg oneisnotwearingacostume_opt_tiny.jpg edwith-erica_opt_tiny.jpg joshreganded_opt_tiny.jpg edwith-Mattb_opt_tiny.jpg einsteinwas-there222_opt_tiny.jpg darthisatitagain_opt_tiny.jpg edwithluchalibre_opt_tiny.jpg edwithmcCain_opt_tiny.jpg lawenforcement_opt_tiny.jpg handmadetoyshirts_opt_tiny.jpg billykevindarth_opt_tiny.jpg deathboard_opt_tiny.jpg austinKFbacktail_opt_tiny.jpg joshripping_opt_tiny.jpg billysmoke_opt_tiny.jpg mattschralping_opt_tiny.jpg rob-is-cute_opt_tiny.jpg scoringso-much-tail_opt_tiny.jpg edlookscreepy_opt_tiny.jpg
Darth Vader showed up and started light-sabering kid's heads off. If that wasn't lame enough, he then started skating the course...
Posted November 2nd, 2008
i need a girl like that
Posted By: ryan on November 9th, 2008 at 11:17PM PST
Posted By: Shelly Gilbert on November 12th, 2008 at 05:55PM PST
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