Foundation I just talked to Corey!!

He's got a lot of really cool stuff happening.

Corey’s Sessions sweaters are out now in a couple different colored stripe patterns. Plus he’s working with Sessions on a new pair of really tight fitting black pants called the pogo.

Corey also has a “Day in the Life” coming out on Fuel TV soon. It will feature Corey aswell as his friends and brothers.

Corey’s brother Stephen has just finished his DIY film project. A video called Beautiful Breakdown. It will be for sale on Feb. 18th. Corey has a full part. The video also stars a lot of other awesome skaters like Garret Hill, Angel Ramirez, Matt Allen, Tony Silva, Mike Rusyck and much much more. Plus all of Corey’s friends from the SF area!!! For info contact Stephen Duffel at

Posted February 1st, 2006 by el ztaffo
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