Tum Yeto City of Chula Vista skate feature.


Local skateboarders will soon be able to ride the rails at a new 1,500-square-foot skateboarding area being added to Chula Vista’s Heritage Park. Designed for novice skaters, the new area will be a free, unsupervised facility featuring three popular skateboarding obstacles.

Construction on the skate area started this month and it is expected to open in late summer/early fall. Heritage Park is located at 1381 East Palomar St. in the Otay Ranch neighborhood.

“When Heritage Park opened, it quickly became apparent that the youth in the neighborhood were seeking a place to skateboard,” said Recreation Director Buck Martin. “Soon after that we gave the kids an opportunity to vote for their three favorite obstacles. Then we worked on the overall design and even consulted retired professional skateboarder Katen Russell to ensure that it was top-notch.”

Features of the skate area will include a multi-level grind block, a set of stairs and a freestanding grind rail---the top vote getters from neighborhood skaters. It will replace a lawn area in the eastern portion of Heritage Park near the basketball courts.

On September 30, 2005, Heritage Park will host a grand opening to celebrate the combined efforts of the City and local skateboarders. The event will include demonstrations by professional skateboarders and vendors from the skateboarding industry.

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