Tum Yeto Go Skate Day jam-B-Q in Bellingham, Washingnton!

Go Skate Day jam-B-Q extraveganza

Here's a fine looking poster. Notice how it beams it's announcement on space-rainbows of joy...declaring the second annual "Go Skateboarding Day"? You can find Go Skate Day in June-ville, lurking on the corner of 21st Street, and Tuesday Ave. What it comes down to is this: on Tuesday, June 21, ditch work, grab your skateboard, and go skateboarding! Ride past a white picket fence, while the stick you're holding hits every picket. Capitalize off of gravity, and bomb a hill...totally laying out your carve-lines. Ooze through town with skate-slouch and ollie-hole intact. Bathe your mind in the memories, while you make new ones. And...if you can make it out to Bellingham, feel free to join the thrashin' throng, and me, Matt French, for a massively fun Go Skate Day jam-B-Q extraveganza. Yeah, okay, see ya there...PBBBBBBT!
Posted June 17th, 2005 by justAmustache
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