Dekline Dodging the rain in Carolina

Today the crew woke up with the heavens crying their eyes out….Damn!…After checking the weather report it seemed to be some what scattered showers so the hunt bean for dry spots. Got it!  Sure enough dry spots were found. Click the thumbnail for more pics.

1 It’s raining out
2 One hour later….it’s still raining out
3 Zarosh has unique taste
4 Patrick Melcher
5 Bricks dry fast. This is our first stop of the day
6 Second spot
7 The third spot is a secret spot that is way out in the cuts
8 Matt Swinski looks through the trash at the secret spot
9 Score
10 Melcher was creeping around
11 We had to wait until 8:00pm until we hiked to the spot
12 2:00am handrail mission
13 2:30am,Mission complete
14 3:00am Burgers
15 4:00am Slappies
16 4:14am the cops showed up
17 4:20am the cop sparked up and decided to let us keep skating
18 4:30am Rodent decides to start filming a line
19 5:00am Rodent has the eye of the tiger

DEC9_1_tiny.jpg DEC9_2_tiny.jpg DEC9_3_tiny.jpg DEC9_4_tiny.jpg DEC9_5_tiny.jpg DEC9_6_tiny.jpg DEC9_7_tiny.jpg DEC9_8_tiny.jpg DEC9_9_tiny.jpg DEC9_10_tiny.jpg DEC9_11_tiny.jpg DEC9_12_tiny.jpg DEC9_13_tiny.jpg DEC9_14_tiny.jpg DEC9_15_tiny.jpg DEC9_16_tiny.jpg DEC9_17_tiny.jpg DEC9_18_tiny.jpg DEC9_19_tiny.jpg
It’s raining out
Posted May 9th, 2008 by August
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