Pig Wood Slaughterhouse premiere!!

The premiere up at La Paloma was awesome. Two capacity showings, on schedule! And a fully enthusiatic crowd. Overwhelmingly so! In fact, I was blown away by how much energy was expressed. I never limit the possibilities of what our riders and brand can do. Unlike a feature title like Good and Evil or That's Life, where known, sometimes really well known, riders are featured, Slaughterhouse is a video full of unknowns who still made the crowd go nuts. Each guy had parts that were definately unique as well as fricking gnarly shit and the crowd was over the top during and after every part. The team unity was clear and exciting. Josh did a great job pulling this together, big props go out to Josh and the Pig team for putting together a awesome "sleeper hit of the year!" video.

Luckily Donkey Punch was on hand with a digi cam and took some photos. Here's what may be the very limited photographic proof of the evening. Slideshows bitch.

Posted May 31st, 2005 by Yuck Fou

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