Dekline Day 7: The Old Factory

Sorry guys fir the late post. Anyways, Spots, Spots, Spots….A Fun day for the Crew & a dope sesh at an old factory Rodent found. Click the Thumbnail for more pics.

1 Melcher sleeping
2 Rodent uploading
3 Rodent and I grabbed some burgers
4 Zarosch warmed up in front of Biscuitville
5 First spot of the day
6 Secret spot
7 Rodent and Jason Adams
8 Matt B is still in good spirits
9 Gareth Stehr spotted this hubba
10 Melcher hits the banks at Duke University
11Gareth eyes up the Big 3 at Duke
12 It’s getting late
13 Right across the street was our last spot and it was a go
14 Over and out

DEC7_dec7_01_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_02_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_04_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_05_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_06_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_07_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_08_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_10_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_11_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_12_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_13_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_14_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_15_tiny.jpg DEC7_dec7_16_tiny.jpg
Melcher sleeping
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