Toy Machine Toy Machine demo at Active was off the hook!

Until you've seen them in person, you can't understand the power of the Toy Machine team. Videos like Good & Evil might bring you really close, but seeing the team skate live is a treat you'll remember your entire life.

The demo started off great. The Active team riders are all up and coming rippers, and they cruised the course while everyone got warmed up. Once the Toy Machine team got warmed up though, there was no stopping them! They pulled just about every trick that could be done at a demo. That's consistancy!

Go to the slideshows to see the TOY MACHINE DEMO AT ACTIVE!

p.s. Its the 3rd slideshow down.

Keep your eyes peeled for a full on Toy Machine demo section on Fuel TV's 54321 this next weekend. The piece is scheduled to air on sat. May 7th on Fox Sports Net (check local listing, it changes times in every region) and air the rest of the week on Fuel. Hey Ma, we gonna be on TV!

Posted April 25th, 2005 by el ztaffo

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