Tum Yeto Ice Lounge web skating, for skateboarders.

Legendary Professional Skateboarder Salman Agah along with Industry Veteran Dave Metty Launch icelounge.com, a Skateboarding Community

COSTA MESA, Calif., (Mar. 9, 2005) – Fans, beginner skateboarders, professional skateboarders, and industry professionals alike have been flocking to icelounge.com to post their profiles, watch skateboard videos, and connect with new and old friends.

icelounge.com is unique because of the support of the industry and the heroes of the sport. Professionals like Steve Caballero, Richard Mulder, Dan Drehobl, Jim Gagne, and Chet Childress not only have profiles on the website but are also very actively involved on the site blogging, messaging, and commenting with their fans. Professional videographers, photographers, magazine editors, and shop owners are also active on the site. “It’s a true community where everyone is involved and represented, not just a certain group. I’m just as proud to have a father post a picture of his daughter on a skateboard as I would seeing another pro, or a grom posing with his first board. ” says Salman Agah, co-founder of icelounge.com.

In the first 2 weeks of the launch, thousands of members have registered purely from word of mouth spreading through the skateboarding community. Over 2,500 pictures and 400 videos have been posted. Page views in the first 2 weeks exceeded 270,000 and membership has been growing steadily at double digit rates daily. Membership is expected to grow at a much faster rate when the marketing campaign is fully implemented.

“We have much more in store for our community”, says Dave Metty, icelounge.com co-founder and musician. “Enhancements to the site are being rolled out almost on a daily basis. We are currently working on a streaming MP3 player so that members can create playlists and play songs uploaded by other members.”

Future plans include online skateboarding contests where members upload their videos to be judged, a “sponsor me” area where members will be represented to companies looking to sponsor skateboarders, and the Video On Demand Lounge where members can view exclusive content.

Please visit the website: www.icelounge.com

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