Dekline Day 6 New Generation Demo

Matt Ball had a unfortunate day of skating the day before landing weird aggravating a previous injury. Other than that the Demo @ New Generation was RAD!  Thanks guys it was a lot of fun. Click the thumbnail for more pics.

1 Early morning Emergency Room visit
2 Matt Ball was over the wait
3 So we drove across the street to CVS and bought some crutches
4 Dyet showed up early for once
5 We packed up the van and headed north to Greenville, SC
6 Couple hours later and we were sitting in a Greenville, SC hotel room getting ready for the demo at New Gen   Skatepark
7 Patrick Melcher transfers into the bowl
8 Jason Adams lean air
9 Gareth Stehr Heelflip 50-50
10 Adam Dyet Kickflip Melon
11 Dyet got broke at the end of the demo
12 Ball was feeling the park but couldn’t skate
13 Jason is still going strong
14 Olly Todd is ok
15 Signing after the demo at New Gen
16 Dyet and the crew
17 Kids
18 Chicks
19 “Hey Zarosh sign my shoe”
20 Matt Ball
21 Autographs
22 Jason Adams Signature over the banister

DEC6_1_tiny.jpg DEC6_2_tiny.jpg DEC6_3_tiny.jpg DEC6_4_tiny.jpg DEC6_5_tiny.jpg DEC6_6_tiny.jpg DEC6_7_tiny.jpg DEC6_8_tiny.jpg DEC6_9_tiny.jpg DEC6_10_tiny.jpg DEC6_11_tiny.jpg DEC6_12_tiny.jpg DEC6_13_tiny.jpg DEC6_14_tiny.jpg DEC6_15_tiny.jpg DEC6_16_tiny.jpg DEC6_17_tiny.jpg DEC6_18_tiny.jpg DEC6_19_tiny.jpg DEC6_20_tiny.jpg DEC6_21_tiny.jpg JASeq_tiny.gif
Early morning Emergency Room visit
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