Dekline Day 5-Shredded All Day

Shredded all day. Couple of dudes are getting tatts back in town and I'll pick them up in a bit. We are breaking out of here in the morning and headed three hours north to the demo in Greenville.  See you There...

Dekline Day 5

1 Everyone wanted to start the day off back in Five Points
2 Zarosh shredding the curb outside of Stratosphere Skateshop
3 Zarosh frontboard
4 Olly chums it up with a local
5 Olly got into a heated debate
6 The bar across from Stratosphere is a magnet
7 Skate Graffiti inside the bar
8 Headed out to peep some spots
9 Zarosh spotted this one
10 Jason warming up at Foundation
11 Melcher rigged something up
12 Rodent throws out a backsmith
13 Dune Front Lip
14 Zarosh ollie
15 Dune taking a breather
16 OG ATL ripper Fred Reeves was at the spot
17 We bumped into Graham Bickerstaff too
18 Gareth on the way to the next spot
19 Zarosh cools down in the shade
20 Olly fighting the heat
21 Dune’s got one more day on the trip
22 Jason
23 Gareth just heard about a party with a mini ramp
24 Oh Fuck
25 Dan-O
26 This dude just ate shit
27 Melcher’s stash gets a lot of attention (Check a Moment with Melch)
28 Where’s Gareth?

DEC5_01_tiny.jpg DEC5_02_tiny.jpg DEC5_03_tiny.jpg DEC5_04_tiny.jpg DEC5_05_tiny.jpg DEC5_06_tiny.jpg DEC5_07_tiny.jpg DEC5_08_tiny.jpg DEC5_09_tiny.jpg DEC5_10_tiny.jpg DEC5_11_tiny.jpg DEC5_12_tiny.jpg DEC5_13_tiny.jpg DEC5_14_tiny.jpg DEC5_15_tiny.jpg DEC5_16_tiny.jpg DEC5_17_tiny.jpg DEC5_18_tiny.jpg DEC5_19_tiny.jpg DEC5_20_tiny.jpg DEC5_21_tiny.jpg DEC5_22_tiny.jpg DEC5_23_tiny.jpg DEC_24_tiny.jpg DEC_25_tiny.jpg DEC_26_tiny.jpg DEC_27_tiny.jpg DEC_28_tiny.jpg
Everyone wanted to start the day off back in Five Points
Posted May 5th, 2008 by August
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