Deathbox Death Race results....

The race was UNREAL! The Brown Bomber set a 40 cone super fast GS/Hybrid that you could pump and accelerate all the way through. Top speeds ranged in the 29-32 MPH range.

It was The Bomber's course today so the rules were one cone; no prob; two cones- your run was a DQ. The race started at 12:30 with no sign of rain or bad weather in site. The Bomber also said that the winner of the race would be determined by talking the each racers fastest two runs and combining them for the lowest combined time to determine the victor.

The cops showed up around 1:00 just when we were getting started; and Hackett quickly threw a few lines ending with the word "Sir" to immediatly dispel their little power trip and get back to the race at hand- Damn coppers- always looking to be the Buzz-Kill! Just gotta' know how to baffle 'em with bullshit.

Enter Maysey. Dude was on fire. While most of us were stoked on running a sub 34, he was posting times of 33.92, 33.21, 33.08, 32.54, 32.95, 33.24, and 33.01! His combined time of 65.49 blew doors on the rest of us. Equally impressive was Kosicks consistancy; 2nd place AGAIN! with a combined time of 66.80 and his fastest time clocked at 33.08. The Brown Bomber was charging hard as usual but just couldn't catch Maysey and Kosick for the top spots. The Bomber ran a 33.46 and a 33.45 sealing 3rd place podium finish with a combined time of 66.91.

Other standouts were Hackett over taking Chicken and Evans for 4rth, and Lynn Kramer smaking down some men to take 10th! Way to go Lynn! Most of us finished up the day by getting our Tranny-On at the Poway Skatepark which is fun as all hell!

In the end the results look like this:

1st Mike Maysey 65.49
2nd Brent Kosick 66.80
3rd Richy Carrasco 66.91
4rth Dave Hackett 67.61
5th Chicken Deck 67.73
6th Steve Evans 67.82
7th C. Bark 67.90
8th Wes Carpenter 68.03
9th Andrew Mercado 70.91
10th Lynn Kramer 72.34
11th Jeff Budro 72.60
12th Charles Wilson 73.03
13th Brad Jackman 73.08
14th Mike Gorman 73.38
15th Michael Kaelon 73.47
16th Tiger 73.53
17th Dave Rogers 74.89
18th John Bruzenak 75.12
19th John Rogers 75.20

A great time was had by all; Thanks again to all our great sponsors who make this and every event possible!

RADIKAL TRUCKS, SECTOR NINE, DEATHBOX SKATEBOARDS, POCKET PISTOLS, MANX, KHIRO Black Leather Racing, La Costa Boys Racing, Bahne Skateboards, 3Dm Wheels, Just Push, Osiris shoes, Gladiator Gear, Image Entertainment and California Hybrid and PunkRock Skateboards!!


Posted March 21st, 2005 by race master

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