Dekline East Coast Day 3

The guys are off to a great start hammerin' shit and kickin' it with the Locals.  "Girls gone Dekline" Might be some good Footage....anyways peep the Pics.  Looks like Gareth is eyeing up a Banger.

1: Zarosch warms up inside the grocery store.
2: Fuled by Coconuts
3: Gareth went for the spicy meat pie
4: Melcher warms up with a front board
5: Jason and Matt
6: Zarosch up and over
7: Dyet hanging with the locals
8: Gareth warming up for the next spot
9: Oh Shit Dune popped in
10: This dude was outside our hotel.
11 Oh Fuck
12 It’s on
13 Dyet got hyped
14 I heard some say “what if Freddie Kruger and Lizard King had a kid”
15 Red Bull girls came to our hotel
16 But they had to go
17 These two claim they will be back later.
18 Gareth tailslides minutes after the Red Bull party ended
19 Olly recovering from the Hotlanta sun.
20 Dune fresh off his flight from LA
21 Gareth wanted to check one last spot “1854 Rail”, Also the year Dave Rudabaugh, outlaw and gunfighter was born. Check out more 1854 stupid facts here.
22 Good way to end the night
23: Not a good way to end the night

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