Toy Machine The whirl wind and other news.

The new Toy Machine video “Good & Evil” has just premiered on Oct. 22nd at the House of Blues in Anaheim Disney Land!! 2 sold out shows of approx 1500 people were in awe when the video hit the stage. Ed Templeton, Billy Marks, Diego the Butcher, Austin Stephens, Josh Harmony, Johnny Layton and super secret Toy rider Matt Bennett destroyed everything from huge sets of stairs in Barcelona to So Cal flip to rail wizardry. Good & Evil did not disappoint and will leave you on the edge of your seat for years to come. Available at finer skateboard shops Nov. 24th.

Top secret Toy Machine AM is none other then Matt Bennett!!! Matt B. hails from Corona, California. Big welcome to the team!

Billy Marks killed it at Active’s annual Bling fest best trick contest. Coming directly off the premiere night.....on Saturday, Billy Marks whooped ass and beat everyone in the best trick contest. He won a crap load of cash, a guitar and amp to go with his new tires and rims!! Nice prizes, he's all hooked up now, spinners...what!

Billy on the rampage also recently won the Sun Diego Sports Arena double set replica best trick contest to the tune of $4,000. On fire!

After Josh Harmony’s amazing part in Good & Evil, Ed Templeton and the team decided to turn him pro. Josh Harmony is now pro!! Look for his new pro model in stores this holiday.

If you’re living in London, you’re gonna be pshyched! Josh Harmony, Austin Stephens and JLay will be visting the UK for the Cross Fire Christmas Skate Jam on December 11th. An arena sized skateboarding event that promoters are expecting will be thousands of pounds of fun. Check with your local London area shops for more details on the event.

Ed Templeton has an art show in London, starting January 20th 2005.

Johnny Layton has been busy filming at FULL FORCE for the new Vans video. We hope its better than his Toy Machine part cause that sucked.

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