Toy Machine What's the latest with Toy Machine??

Toy Machine is almost done with their new video Good & Evil. Editing is in process and music is being licensed. Rumor has it there will be a huge premiere in Los Angeles in October. We are all so very excited!

I think everyone knows…Joshua Harmony recently was married, in his home town of Chicago last month. He is just getting back from his Honey Moon and is ready to finish up his Good & Evil part. Congrats to Joshua and Jenna, they’re married!

Also Josh Harmony layed out such a good part so far for the Good & Evil video, that he will be turning pro upon its release. That’s right Josha Harmony is going pro baby!!

Look for a Toy Machine / Good & Evil world video premiere tour in October. The team will be hitting spots such as LA, Tampa, UK, Germany, Amsterdam and France. More details to come on that trip.

Johnny Layton taking a trip with Vans down to South America in November. Columbia, Panama, and some other places down south. Other than that, he’s been laying it down for the final editing days leading to Good & Evil.

Top secret Toy Machine AM will be announced at the drop of the video. Stay tuned, I wonder who it could be?

Posted September 23rd, 2004 by Cheesy

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