Tum Yeto Another successful Go Skateboarding Day.

The Friends of Newburyport Skate Park would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the team at Tum Yeto for your generous donation of shirts and stickers for our Skate Fest and Family Cookout in conjunction with the June 21 National Go Skateboarding Day at the Newburyport Skate Park. We estimate that well over 500 people attended the event to skate, watch, eat and have fun. Spectators were thrilled and entertained by Newburyport's own skaters as well as local professionals demonstrating their skills. The kids loved the shirts! We appreciate you joining us to support the Newburyport Skate Park and celebrating the first National Go Skateboarding Day.
The Newburyport Skate Park is a wonderful place for many reasons. The park is a venue that provides our youth with an opportunity to express themselves in a physically, socially, and mentally healthy way. Observers comment often not only on the skill of the skaters, but also note how they mentor each other, and show respect and consideration for the park and for their fellow skaters. The park has proved to be a great success in the three years since it has opened, and the Friends of Newburyport Skate Park are working hard to make sure this record continues. We would like you to know that your contribution to this event was appreciated by many skaters, parents and community members. All of the money raised at this event will be used to maintain the park. Thank you for making this a successful and fun event. Please remember that your contribution is truly appreciated.


Kathy Bechtel
Friends of Newburyport Skate Park

Posted July 20th, 2004 by el ztafoffofofofo

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