Foundation Foundation news for June.

Coreyís been chillin, working on his house in Nor Cal. I hear itís looking pretty sick with a view of the bay, red carpet, checkered tiles and everything! The pimp house where all chicks are free. The 88 video is scheduled to be out in Sept, look out for Coreyís new hair-do, itís frightening.

Corey also wanted everyone to check out his girlfriendís band at

Ethan Fowler now rides for Boeing. And just purchased a mansion in Florida that he is converting to a circus tent. Usually he can be found at the hotspot, kickflip nosegrind. Itís his time to really shiner. I think he has a new shoe on vans so go looking and perhaps you shall find. RVCA is making clothes for him and he will look very cool, even cooler if that is possible. Ok he is great.

Gareth Stehr had just accepted a new clothing sponsor and is now a major player in The Amerikan Project. Word is Gareth will be helping them design clothing, so you know itís going to look really good, Gareth style!

Tony Silva is in Germany with Etnies.

Leo Romero dumped the Analog and is now rockin in the RVCA.

Mike Rusczyk has been working on web stuff, his site will be updated daily, footage, lame shit what ever. Bigger and bigger. Check it out at He just got a two page sequence in the new Slap and he drinks to much coffee.

Posted June 24th, 2004 by el xtaffo
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