News From April 2014

Tum Yeto Pig Wheels Billy Marks & Clint Walker: X-Games Real Street

We're hyped to announce that PIG Wheel pros Billy Marks and Clint Walker will be featured in X-Games Real Street. They'll be competing for 50k with 1 minute video parts filmed in the streets. Click here to see who else will be in the running this year.

Photo: Kyle Camarillo
Photo: Trevor Vaughan 
Posted April 30th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Tum Yeto Toy Machine Billy Marks on X-Games Real Street May 13th

Dirty Bill will be in the running for $50K in this year's X-Games Real Street. His 1 minute Real Street video part will bring forth an uprising among loyal pawns and through their unity will demand Billy Marks be awarded fifty thousand dollars. Paid in full. Stay tuned.
Photo: Kyle Camarillo
Posted April 30th, 2014

Tum Yeto Foundation TWS Sightings: Taylor Smith

Taylor Smith is featured in Transworld Magazine's Sightings with this frontside flip shot in Sun Valley, California. Photo: MULLER
Posted April 29th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Tum Yeto Dekline TWS Sightings: Aaron Jaws Homoki

Aaron “Jaws” Homoki featured in Transworld Magazine's Sightings with this backside noseblunt-slide in the Inland Empire of California. Photo / SHIGEO
Posted April 29th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Tum Yeto Foundation TWS Archives June 1987: Tod Swank Cover

The iconic TWS cover/issue of Foundation head honcho, Tod Swank is available for digital viewing here.
Photo: Grant Britain
Posted April 28th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Tum Yeto Pig Wheels PIG pros featured in Enjoi Photo Overflow on TWS Mag

The enjoi team went so HAM in China that I had tons of extra photos left even after doing a 16-page tour article (May issue) and saving some photos for interviews. There was even one day that every dude on the team got at least one mag worthy photo, we could have run an awesome article just from that one day! Here are a few that didn’t make it to print but are all gems in my eyes"- Dave Chami / Transworld Magazine

"Nothing better than a smooth marble landing to guarantee you’ll still have skin on your palms the next day. Sweet Lou takes advantage of the friendly terrain with a snappy frontside half Cab kickflip."-Chami
"First spot of the trip and Nestor got right at it, Smith grind pop out on a smoothly breaking right hand wave."-Chami
Posted April 23rd, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Tum Yeto Foundation Taylor Smith featured New Jack Interveiw on The Skateboard Mag

Taylor Smith aka T-Spliff has an epic New Jack interview featured in The Skateboard Mag issue #123! Pick up a copy today at your local skateshop.
Photo: Bart Jones
Frontside Flip
Posted April 21st, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Tum Yeto Foundation Foundation Skateboards: Dakota Servold

Foundation Skateboards presents a new video web edit with Dakota Servold.

Video by Don Luong
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Posted April 18th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Tum Yeto Foundation New Foundation Pro Series: The Color of Women

"An elegant woman is a woman who despises you and has no hair under her arms." - Salvador Dali
Posted April 17th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Dekline Tum Yeto Thrasher's Traffic Talk - Aaron "Jaws" Homoki

"Kicky melons, sweet leaf, techno-Americana - nothing is off limits when Jaws rides shotgun."- Thrasher Magazine
Posted April 16th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Tum Yeto Pig Wheels Berrics YoonVision Flashback: 2010 Built to Shred

Berrics photographer Yoon took a trip down memory lane and posted photos from a 2010 Built to Shred trip to the Cayman Islands. PIG Wheel pros Johnny Layton & Corey Duffel were some of the skaters on this trip. Click here to see all the photos from Berrics Yoonvision.

Duffman Caribbean Sea Ollie

Land lover

JLay front feebs.

Caybrew Nosepick

All Photos shot by Yoon.
Cay Crooks
Posted April 15th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Tum Yeto Toy Machine Axel Cruysberghs: Excess Baggage

Hailing from Belgium, Toy Machine Euro rider, Axel Cruysberghs has been on a war path over the past couple days. After nailing 1st place at Volcom's Damn Am this weekend, he dropped this full length part (of excess footage from his AB&A part) the next day.Digital documentation of Axel's winning run from Damn Am. Photography by Joey Shigeo of Transworld Skateboarding Magazine.

Nosegrind fakie

Fakie Hurricane

We have a winner! Congratulations Axel!
Posted April 15th, 2014

Pig Wheels Toy Machine Tum Yeto Josh's Harmonies with Josh Harmony & Independent Trucks

Josh Harmony lays down the track to his own skatepark shred-segment for Independent trucks.

Posted April 11th, 2014

Tum Yeto Toy Machine Toy Machine Butterfly Series

New Toy Machine Butterfly series is out done by Colt Bowden. Purchase of one of these will feel so good, that money is burning a hole in your pocket, and that Botox treatment for your mother you are saving up for just isn't as important as scraping the graphics off this wood onto your local ledges. Ollie over the cracks in your mom's face with your new Toy Machine.

Daniel Lutheran 8.25"

Billy Marks 8.0"

Johnny Layton 8.5"

Josh Harmony 8.125"

Leo Romero 8.0"

Ed Templeton 8.375"

Matt Bennett 8.25"

Collin Provost 8.5"
Posted April 10th, 2014

Foundation Pig Wheels Tum Yeto Corey Duffel on Thrasher Radio with Jake Phelps

Corey Duffel is on episode 18 of Thrasher Radio with Jake Phelps. Talking points include Think, big ollies, death rock and sound-wise you got The Cure, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Thin Lizzy and more. Tune in here on Thrasher Magazine
Posted April 9th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Tum Yeto Dekline Jaws' video part from A Happy Medium 3

"Jaws came through with an undeniably mind bending, knee aching part for Arizona's A Happy Medium 3. From handrails to gaps to his insane confidence on transition, Jaws blows minds like you knew he would."-TSM- Buy a copy of this video here!
Posted April 9th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Tum Yeto Toy Machine Provost's Greatness Documented on Thrasher Mag's Burnout!

Thrasher Magazine editor at large, Michael Burnett has an epic offering of photographs to celebrate the release of Collin Provost's B-Sides video edit for Emerica. Check them all out here and also check out this in depth interview with the videographer documenting Collin's prowess on the board, here.

Master lensman Jon Miner documenting Collin Provost for the Emerica video.

Photos shot by Michael Burnett
Posted April 8th, 2014

Tum Yeto Foundation T-Spliff via Phoenix, Arizona

Taylor Smith (T-Spliff) and Secret Society member, Cody Subido headed east over the weekend for Cowtown's PHX AM. In between runs of the contest, these two and their friends hit the streets of Phoenix, including some of the amazing skateparks Arizona has to offer.

Photos shot by Crisitan Pirovano

Classic spot, classic trick. T-Spliff melon grab at Beardsley Banks.

Don't tell these north county bros it's "dry heat" in AZ.

Cesear Chavez Skatepark in Phoenix is one of the many great parks to hit.

Frontside Flip

Subido, Nollie Flip

Nollie backside flip, Cody Subido

Taylor dips in the desert.

Saltwater River mission is the perfect way to cool down after hitting the streets.
Posted April 8th, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Toy Machine Collin Provost : B-Sides from Emerica's MADE

Emerica and Collin Provost proudly present his Side-B from MADE Chapter One.
Get the full length MADE Chapter One video at iTunes now:
Posted April 7th, 2014

Tum Yeto Foundation Taylor Smith : Foundation Super Sounds : Top 5 Playlist

Taylor Smith delivers another Top 5 Spotify Playlist.

Posted April 3rd, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson

Tum Yeto Toy Machine Pig Wheels Dekline Matt Bennett: 12 Pack on Transworld Skateboard Magazine

Matt B definitely falls into that “best dude” category. He doesn’t come by the park often, but when he does, it’s always a pleasure. His fakie and switch game is unmatched and he took an unthinkable backside 180 nosegrind the distance! Yeah, Matt!-TWS Skate Mag

Photos shot by Mikey Gould

Fakie Smith

Switch Feeble 180

Switch Frontside Feeble
Posted April 2nd, 2014 by Tyler Culbertson