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Pig Wheels Tum Yeto Rowan Zorilla on Transworld Magazine's SIGHTINGS

Rowan Zorilla / Backside Tailslide
Photo: Sam Muller
Posted December 23rd, 2013 by Tyler Culbertson

Toy Machine Tum Yeto Austin Stephens Farewell

A mix of classic clips and unseen gems from the one and only A-Stone.

Austin Stephens Farewell from Toy Machine on Vimeo.

Posted December 20th, 2013

Toy Machine Austin Stephens through the years

Images from Ed Templeton's photo archive.
97461201brandonaustingri_tiny.jpg 97461514billyjoshaustind_tiny.jpg 97461522griffinandaustin_tiny.jpg 97461620austinwithkidsau_tiny.jpg 97461704justinandaustinp_tiny.jpg 97461705austinsmilespari_tiny.jpg 97461705redamesseswithau_tiny.jpg 97461708austinshootsjimm_tiny.jpg 97461710austinbehindbush_tiny.jpg 97461725austinbarelona_tiny.jpg 97461740austinmuddyshast_tiny.jpg 97461808austinstephensbr_tiny.jpg 97461814austinjoshraftin_tiny.jpg 97461814austinjoshrapids_tiny.jpg 97461815austinwithcoffee_tiny.jpg 97461825austinsignsgirls_tiny.jpg 97462106austinagrentina_tiny.jpg 97462114austinandjoshlyo_tiny.jpg 97462116austinandjoshlyo_tiny.jpg 97462126edandaustinbarce_tiny.jpg 97462241austinlights_tiny.jpg 97462619austinwind_tiny.jpg 97462661austinkevinjoine_tiny.jpg 97462816austinandkangaro_tiny.jpg 97463016mattbandaustinuk_tiny.jpg 97463032austinportraitru_tiny.jpg 97463249austinjumpsshast_tiny.jpg 97463614austinskatesbald_tiny.jpg 97463866austinandmattstr_tiny.jpg 97463866mattbandaustinst_tiny.jpg 97463868danaustinmattonc_tiny.jpg 97462816austinportraitoz_tiny.jpg
Brandon, Austin, and Griffin on the couch...
Posted December 19th, 2013 by Fare the well, my man, Fare the well

Toy Machine Tum Yeto Austin Stephens Sponsor Me Tape

In celebration of Austin Stephens skateboard career for the bloodsucking skateboard co that is Toy Machine, we thought it would be fun to look back at the Sponsor Me VHS Tape Austin submitted many years ago.
Posted December 18th, 2013

Tum Yeto Toy Machine Austin Stephens from Ed's archive...

HE AIN'T DEAD! We're just remembering all the good times we had with Austin Stephens since he retired from pro skateboarding.
97410224austinandgrifhou_tiny.jpg 97410224austinoncouch_tiny.jpg 97410229austincleansdriw_tiny.jpg 97410229austindeannaclea_tiny.jpg 97410229austinstephens_tiny.jpg 97410230geoffaustinsilkt_tiny.jpg 97410241austinandcaswell_tiny.jpg 97410243austinsitsbuenos_tiny.jpg 97410245austinincarargen_tiny.jpg 97410404austinandmagda_tiny.jpg 97410411austinsignsboard_tiny.jpg 97410411austinwithfanla_tiny.jpg 97410418austinandjonnyc_tiny.jpg 97410418austinlettermans_tiny.jpg 97410420austininvan_tiny.jpg 97410433austinbywall_tiny.jpg 97410433austininyborstri_tiny.jpg 97410433austinmarvelsybo_tiny.jpg 97410451austinstephensti_tiny.jpg 97410513austinstephenson_tiny.jpg 97410513austinstephenswi_tiny.jpg 97410708austinstephenspa_tiny.jpg 97410806lanceandaustinhi_tiny.jpg 97410809lanceaustinedgol_tiny.jpg 9741austinstephensfacecl_tiny.jpg
Griffin Collins and Austin hanging out on my couch.
Posted December 18th, 2013 by I reckon so.

Tum Yeto Toy Machine Austin Stephens' Ads

This week we are celebrating the skateboard career of Austin Stephens with the release of the Austin Stephens Toy Machine Farewell Deck.

I recall Austin coming to me at the Toy Machine Halloween demo a few years back saying that he didn't think he could do it anymore. And I said, "Do what?" and he said, "Skateboard. My ankle doesn't work anymore." It was a heavy realization, one a skateboarder hates to actually come to grips with. Every skateboarder thrashes their ankles over time, and for Austin, it was just one tear, tweak, twist too many and after loads of procedures and healing time it seemed to be worse than when he started.

I respect a man who is willing to see things as they are and make an honest choice. So it was with great sadness that we retired Austin Stephens, the rider who was on Toy Machine the longest aside from me. -ed templeton

We will be doing a number of blog posts in remembrance of the stylish and graceful time A-Stone spent with Toy Machine. Here, we have a sampling of Austin's Toy Ads...
97404austinblunt_tiny.jpg 9740untitled_tiny.JPG 9740austinsad2005_tiny.jpg 97405austinbigkf_tiny.jpg 97406thrasheraustin_tiny.jpg 9740austinadboth22_tiny.jpg 97407thrasheraustin1_tiny.jpg 97401austinad_tiny.jpg 97408thrashermay2009_tiny.jpg
Posted December 16th, 2013 by Fare Thee Well...

Pig Wheels Clint Walker: Fully Torqued RV "Top 5" Interview

Clint Walker and his friends thought it would be rad if they were able stay in cities longer to skate and film while on tour. One RV and a Kickstarter Project gave birth to a yearlong skate trip in said RV.  Since the trip has started…spots have been slain, debauchery  commenced and madness ensued.  Thankfully all has been documented on their Ride Channel Show, The Fully Torqued RV Tour.
To celebrate this epic journey, Clint is getting his first pro wheel for PIG! We caught up with Clint and got his thoughts in Top 5 Interview about their RV Tour.

Nollie Flip / Photo: Trevor Vaugnhan

-Top 5 RV Moments
5. Shaving Dirty's eyebrows.
4. Partying with 18 dudes from the Nashville FU Crüe in the RV. 
3. First time emptying the RV septic tank in who knows how long... hilarious.
2. Pulling the RV into Wilson park and hanging out while we threw a contest at the park.
1. Fisted.
5.Usually suck.
Wilson park was kind of tight though.
-RV Meals-
5.Harold's Chicken and
4.Portillo's in Chicago,
3.King Solomon's Gryos in Nashville,
2.Gates BBQ in Kansas City,
1.Jimmy Johns everywhere as a last resort.
5. Ledge spot by Lake Michigan
4. Clemente School
3. White Nines
2. Downtown Chicago
1. Underground OKC
-Nightmare Moments-
5. Broke down at a rest stop in Mississippi, starter went out.
4.Not being able to turn around after pulling into a casino in Shreveport, La.
3.Trevor Vaughan not making the turn into a gas station on a busy road, taking 30 minutes to get straightened out while had to shit.
2. Ants took over the RV in Atlanta.
1.Mosquitoes in Nashville
1.Trying to sleep in the heat in Nashville
1. The loop being shut down in Nashville
-Played Songs-
5."Mexican Radio" by Devo
4."Time" by Riff Raff
3. "Disturbia" by Rihanna
2. "Ramblin' Man" by Hank Williams,
1. "Down '71" by Bone Thugs

-Ways different from normal Skate Trip -
5.You are living in the van.
4. Become friends with the locals in each city.
3. Have to find out if you will be able to park the RV wherever we are going in advance.
2. Easy to sleep while you're driving from place to place.
1. No team manager, no set schedule, we do what we want when we want.

-Random Moments
5. Fishing in Chicago with Mike! And deep sea fishing in Florida.
4. Winning $1500 at split decision casino stop in Shreveport. 
3. Blackhawks party in the streets after they won't the Stanley Cup.
2. Freddy Krueger in Oklahoma.
1. Skating with Bo Denahey @BoDenahey

-Rainy Day Activities-
5.Indoor parks
2. Tinder
1. Showers in the gutters 
 -Craziest Things Witnessed on RV Tour-
5. Clive grinded an insane kinked rail.
4. Micah Hollinger & Dirty sticking their fingers down each other's throats to induce vomiting.
3. Tommy Guns 1 1/2 front flip off the cliffs in Nashville.
2. Beer showers with the Blackout Crüe inside the bar in Gainseville, FL
1. Every day street party next to the RV in Chicago. Drinking, grilling, loitering all on the sidewalk of a Main Street without anyone saying anything.
-Essentials for RV-
5. Empty Bottles
4. iPod 
3. WD-40
2. Jugs of water
1. Jimmys

-Reasons to do an RV Tour-
5. Girls in every state. 
4. Rad dudes and rad crews in every city.
3. Sleep for free, and no overstaying your welcome.
2. Mobile Parties.
1. Being able to go anywhere at any time and not have to worry about planning your living situation.
Clint's first pro wheel is available here!
Posted December 16th, 2013 by Tyler Culbertson

Tum Yeto Pig Wheels Clint Walker / Fully Torqued RV Tour Ep 1-7

For your viewing pleasure, episodes 1-7 of the Fully Torqued RV Tour.
Posted December 15th, 2013 by Tyler Culbertson

Tum Yeto Toy Machine Austin Stephens Retirement Deck

Fare thee well Austin Retirement deck available here.
Posted December 14th, 2013

Dekline Foundation Pig Wheels Tum Yeto Nick Merlino 5&5 with Strange Notes

Posted December 10th, 2013 by Tyler Culbertson

Tum Yeto Toy Machine Pig Wheels Dekline Matt Bennett Lookbook for Dekline Holiday Footwear Collection

Matt Bennett met up with Active at Cherry Park to shoot a photo lookbook for his holiday pro shoe colorways that are available at Active Ride Shops. Click here to view.
Photos by Morgan Rindengan
Posted December 6th, 2013 by Tyler Culbertson

Tum Yeto Pig Wheels Foundation Dekline Ryan Spencer on Lowcard Mag

Maui's finest, Ryan Spencer,  recently had a photo up on Lowcard Mag's web feature "LowRes".
FS Tailslide
Photo: Dan Z
Posted December 5th, 2013 by Tyler Culbertson