News From November 2010

Foundation Leo Romero Thrasher's Skater of the Year!

Toy Machine's Leo Romero gets Thrasher Magazine's coveted "Skater of the Year!"

Congratulations from the Foundation Posse!

See the announcement video here.

Party forward people!
The Phelpster and Leo.
Posted November 30th, 2010 by swankzine

Toy Machine Black Friday

This Photo is from friday at 8:45 AM
Killing it there at Patriot skate shop in Suagus, MA. These kids are Loyal Pawns.

Feast a new L. Kincade video...
Posted November 30th, 2010 by From Swank Zine on the Tuesday after...

Dekline Logan Kincade

Latest Logan Kincade features: Austin Stephens and flow riders Rob Straser and Grant Hatfield.
Bennett with some BGP's
Posted November 30th, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 21

An interlude...
7387img5250_tiny.JPG 7387img5251_tiny.JPG 7387img5253_tiny.JPG 7387img5256_tiny.JPG 7387img5257_tiny.JPG 7387img5258_tiny.JPG

Posted November 30th, 2010 by Sarah Palin's pancake nipples

Dekline Jordan Taylor interview

 Check out a quick interview with Jordan Taylor over at the ESPN site. 
Posted November 29th, 2010 by SInclair

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 20

This time we have all of Kevin Barnett's photos from tour MEGA-POST!!:
But before we start we want to shreik in a Eve Libertine voice: LEO ROMERO is Skater of the Year!!!!
See the coverage of Phelps surprising Leo over at BURNOUT!
7385amteamunifrom_tiny.jpg 7385austinkingofgame_tiny.jpg 7385austinmantishead_tiny.jpg 7385bagelbaby_tiny.jpg 7385billyandeddance_tiny.jpg 7385billybasketgame_tiny.jpg 7385billyboardshape_tiny.jpg 7385billysshardflip_tiny.jpg 7385billyjennyrose_tiny.jpg 7385billysmokingbagel_tiny.jpg 7385boardgift_tiny.jpg 7385crewinhottub_tiny.jpg 7385danandhammeke_tiny.jpg 7385danpartyprep_tiny.jpg 7385deannapumpgas_tiny.jpg 7385diegometalkids_tiny.jpg 7385diegonudebrick_tiny.jpg 7385diegsbabyhat_tiny.jpg 7385edandcementbro_tiny.jpg 7385edandwelcometohell_tiny.jpg 7385edbasketgame_tiny.jpg 7385edpregnantandbad_tiny.jpg 7385edroseteeth_tiny.jpg 7385firetruck_tiny.jpg 7385gridandedslingandbla_tiny.jpg 7385grifblankey_tiny.jpg 7385handsomeseats_tiny.jpg 7385johnnydreamcatcher_tiny.jpg 7385jlayslickback_tiny.jpg 7385johnnyhigh_tiny.jpg 7385jordannightlife_tiny.jpg 7385jordanstaresatjordan_tiny.jpg 7385joshandaustinglow_tiny.jpg 7385joshelpasoparty_tiny.jpg 7385joshfilmer_tiny.jpg 7385joshnachoink_tiny.jpg 7385joshstickergift_tiny.jpg 7385leoanddiegshombres_tiny.jpg 7385leoandjohnnyfivedrin_tiny.jpg 7385leoandjtfiringline_tiny.jpg 7385leoballruffleed_tiny.jpg 7385leobattleready_tiny.jpg 7385leofootskincu_tiny.jpg 7385leofootskin_tiny.jpg 7385leoguitar2_tiny.jpg 7385leosnakewoman_tiny.jpg 7385leothumbupjohnnynose_tiny.jpg 7385mattelpasoparty_tiny.jpg 7385mattrunawaytrain_tiny.jpg 7385mikeboardsign_tiny.jpg 7385morningafter_tiny.jpg 7385pawnage_tiny.jpg 7385sinclairsignneff_tiny.jpg 7385smokeroom_tiny.jpg 7385subhuman_tiny.jpg 7385toytatdude_tiny.jpg 7385teamtrain_tiny.jpg
In no particular order we offer 100% of your Minister of Propaganda's photos. This is the Am team's uniform. The word uniform was first noticed in 1748. Hey read the Jordan Taylor interview...
Posted November 29th, 2010 by Well isn't that special now let me sleep...

Dekline Pat Burke

 Pat Burke and the Slave team roll up to Los Angeles and finish of the day at The Berrics. 
Posted November 29th, 2010 by SInclair

Pig Wheels Nuge Day in the Life

 Active follows Nuge through one of his many days here on planet earth...
Posted November 28th, 2010 by Sinclair

Pig Wheels Daniel Lutheran update

 More Dan Lu for you!
Posted November 26th, 2010 by SInclair

Dekline Jordan Taylor

 Jordan in the latest Skateboarder!
Posted November 26th, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 19

Continued photos from Phoenix, and the end of the Brainwash tour...
But before we start we want to croon in a Morrissey voice: LEO is Skater of the Year!!!!
See the coverage of Phelps surprising Leo over at BURNOUT!
7372img3384_tiny.JPG 7372img3390_tiny.JPG 7372img3393_tiny.JPG 7372img3398_tiny.JPG 7372img3399_tiny.JPG 7372img3402_tiny.JPG 7372img3403_tiny.JPG 7372img3406_tiny.JPG 7372img3412_tiny.JPG 7372img3413_tiny.JPG 7372img3414_tiny.JPG 7372img3416_tiny.JPG 7372img3417_tiny.JPG 7372img3418_tiny.JPG 7372img3422_tiny.JPG 7372img3433_tiny.JPG 7372img3434_tiny.JPG 7372img3450_tiny.JPG 7372img3461_tiny.JPG 7372img3463_tiny.JPG 7372img3471_tiny.JPG 7372img3473_tiny.JPG
Nick Trapasso with Cowtown homies...
Posted November 26th, 2010 by Tired of uploading photos, but doing it for you.

Foundation Vinyl Shopping with Corey


Posted November 26th, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 18

The Cowtown signing by Phoenix local Bianca...
But before we start we want to yell in a grindcore voice: LEO is SOTY!!!!
Posted November 25th, 2010 by again thanks for the hook-up!

Toy Machine Leo Romero is 2010's Skater of the Year

Boo-Ya. Leo's a Mexi-can, not a Mexi-can't.
This proves the Brainwashing is working...
Posted November 24th, 2010 by The tentacles of control / infuence reach far...

Toy Machine LEO ROMERO is this years SOTY!!!!!!

Killing it...
Posted November 24th, 2010 by As always.

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 17


Get Amongst it.

Continuing with the post:
"Hey this is Bianca, the photographer in AZ. Here are all the photos of the signing and demo. I hope you enjoy them and thanks so much. Hope to see you guys soon. This one is the demo and the next one will be the signing." –Bianca
Enjoy her photos below:
7371billymarks1_tiny.jpg 7371billymarks2_tiny.jpg 7371billymarks4_tiny.jpg 7371billymarks5_tiny.jpg 7371danlu1_tiny.jpg 7371danlu2_tiny.jpg 7371ed1_tiny.jpg 7371ed2_tiny.jpg 7371jlay1_tiny.jpg 7371jlay2_tiny.jpg 7371jlay4_tiny.jpg 7371jlay5_tiny.jpg 7371jlay6_tiny.jpg 7371kevin1_tiny.jpg 7371leo3_tiny.jpg 7371mattb1_tiny.jpg 7371mattb2_tiny.jpg 7371toymachine1_tiny.jpg
Billy Marks.
Posted November 24th, 2010 by thanks for the images homegirl.

Foundation Design class 101 / Vans Downtown Showdown flashback

I just stumbled across the original designs for the Vans Downtown Showdown. We are glad they were better builders than this drawing I submitted.

Posted November 24th, 2010 by sinclair

Foundation Corey Duffel now in living color!

So I was talking to Morri from Irrom distro in NZ the other day and he was saying how we should boot up the color action in the F ads. So I talked to Nilo here at FSHQ who helps me with ad layouts for the F. I wanted to keep the zine stylee going for sure. Alas the results of the new 2011 Foundation ad campaign! Raw skateboaridng! Corey Duffel! Tag Circle F! And Yuck Fou sneaking in.

Free stickers!
Posted November 23rd, 2010 by swankzine

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 16

Leaving Texas, and heading back to New Mexico...
Posted November 23rd, 2010 by The times they are a changing for the better?

Foundation Angel sighting

mini day in the life..... Mr. Angel Ramierz
73582a_tiny.jpg 73581a_tiny.jpg
Leave the house without a shirt on...
Posted November 23rd, 2010 by sinclair

Foundation Abdias Rivera

Abdias is out in Ohio seaching for new spots.

Posted November 22nd, 2010 by Sinclair

Pig Wheels Daniel Lutheran

Firing Line over at Thrasher

Posted November 22nd, 2010 by Sinclair

Pig Wheels Canadian Pig Ripper, Andy Hopkins!

As you may or may or may not know, Adam Hopkins has been on an epic Road Warrior jaunt all over Canada and the States, with the Greyhound as his personal chariot. Here’s a Part 1 of 2 blog update on
Backside ollie at the Forks plaza in Winnipeg. Photo courtesy of Cam Nikkel and his blogspot – pancakesandskateboards.
Posted November 22nd, 2010 by swankzine

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 15

Continued El Paso action...
7369img3029_tiny.JPG 7369img3028_tiny.JPG 7369img3042_tiny.JPG 7369img3043_tiny.JPG 7369img3046_tiny.JPG 7369img3050_tiny.JPG 7369img3068_tiny.JPG 7369img3070_tiny.JPG 7369img3074_tiny.JPG 7369img3077_tiny.JPG 7369img3080_tiny.JPG 7369img3084_tiny.JPG 7369img3092_tiny.JPG 7369img3098_tiny.JPG 7369img3101_tiny.JPG 7369img3105_tiny.JPG 7369img3106_tiny.JPG 7369img3111_tiny.JPG 7369img3114_tiny.JPG 7369img3129_tiny.JPG 7369img3133_tiny.JPG 7369img3135_tiny.JPG 7369img3136_tiny.JPG 7369img3143_tiny.JPG 7369img3144_tiny.JPG 7369img3146_tiny.JPG 7369img3148_tiny.JPG 7369img3149_tiny.JPG 7369img3150_tiny.JPG 7369img3155_tiny.JPG 7369img5397_tiny.JPG 7369img5395_tiny.JPG 7369img3160_tiny.JPG 7369img3159_tiny.JPG 7369img3161_tiny.JPG 7369img3164_tiny.JPG 7369img3165_tiny.JPG 7369img3169_tiny.JPG 7369img3172_tiny.JPG 7369img3179_tiny.JPG
El Paso Brainwash Premiere
Posted November 22nd, 2010 by Yeah, there is lots more, bitches!

Dekline Guess Who's set up

Guess who's shoes and board and win nothing......

Posted November 22nd, 2010 by Sinclair

Foundation Spot Check / NC

I just got to North Carolina and checking out some new stuff before the crew arrives and heads to Tampa. Who's gonna get up on it? 

Posted November 22nd, 2010 by Sinclair

Dekline Dakota Servold!

Check out this sequence of Dakota over at Thrasher!

Posted November 19th, 2010

Foundation Corey Duffel and JT Aultz at Tum Yeto HQ!

So I get this text from Corey today that says, "I'm gonna be there in 45 mins. You better be there or else." I texted him back saying, "I have a meeting at 1:00 but will be back at 2:00." He texted back that he was bringing his friend and Real Pro, JT Aultz by and they are going to kick my ass! I texted back "ok, see you then."
7366cdjtty1_tiny.jpg 7366cdjtty2_tiny.jpg
JT Aultz monitors Corey signing some grave digger decks. Peace bra!
Posted November 19th, 2010 by swankzine

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 14

More from El Paso...
7364img2780_tiny.JPG 7364img2785_tiny.JPG 7364img2797_tiny.JPG 7364img2799_tiny.JPG 7364img2801_tiny.JPG 7364img2802_tiny.JPG 7364img2806_tiny.JPG 7364img2810_tiny.JPG 7364img2856_tiny.JPG 7364img2858_tiny.JPG 7364img2861_tiny.JPG 7364img2867_tiny.JPG 7364img2868_tiny.JPG 7364img2874_tiny.JPG 7364img2887_tiny.JPG 7364img2909_tiny.JPG 7364img2911_tiny.JPG 7364img2912_tiny.JPG 7364img2914_tiny.JPG 7364img2924_tiny.JPG 7364img2929_tiny.JPG 7364img2936_tiny.JPG 7364img2937_tiny.JPG 7364img2938_tiny.JPG 7364img2942_tiny.JPG 7364img2945_tiny.JPG 7364img2950_tiny.JPG 7364img2962_tiny.JPG 7364img2965_tiny.JPG 7364img2967_tiny.JPG 7364img2970_tiny.JPG 7364img2973_tiny.JPG 7364img2974_tiny.JPG 7364img2978_tiny.JPG 7364img2980_tiny.JPG 7364img2981_tiny.JPG 7364img2985_tiny.JPG 7364img2996_tiny.JPG 7364img2997_tiny.JPG 7364img2998_tiny.JPG 7364img2999_tiny.JPG 7364img3002_tiny.JPG 7364img3004_tiny.JPG 7364img3005_tiny.JPG 7364img3007_tiny.JPG 7364img3008_tiny.JPG 7364img3009_tiny.JPG 7364img3012_tiny.JPG 7364c00109_tiny.jpg 7364img3015_tiny.JPG
Here we go again with the warp-cam. Too fun. Harmony.
Posted November 19th, 2010 by home for now, but still regurgitating tour

Dekline Hey Austin, stand here


Posted November 19th, 2010 by SInclair

Dekline Matt Bennett update

Matt B just got off the Toy Machine South West / Brain Wash tour. Check Toy Machine for all the mayhem.

Posted November 18th, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 13

El Paso, Texas rules super hard.
7349img5369_tiny.JPG 7349img5368_tiny.JPG 7349img5370_tiny.JPG 7349img5372_tiny.JPG 7349img5374_tiny.JPG 7349img5380_tiny.JPG 7349img5381_tiny.JPG 7349img5383_tiny.JPG 7349img5384_tiny.JPG 7349img5385_tiny.JPG 7349img5387_tiny.JPG 7349img5388_tiny.JPG 7349img5389_tiny.JPG 7349img5390_tiny.jpg 7349img5391_tiny.jpg 7349img5392_tiny.JPG 7349img5393_tiny.JPG 7349img5394_tiny.JPG 7349img5367_tiny.JPG 7349img5366_tiny.JPG 7349img5363_tiny.JPG 7349img5360_tiny.JPG 7349img5361_tiny.JPG 7349img2741_tiny.JPG 7349img2743_tiny.JPG 7349img2744_tiny.JPG 7349img2757_tiny.JPG 7349img2763_tiny.JPG 7349img2764_tiny.JPG 7349img2767_tiny.JPG 7349img2768_tiny.JPG 7349img5349_tiny.JPG
He would turn down Abercrombie for days...
Posted November 18th, 2010 by the special days are over and now...

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 12

Descending into Texas...
7348img5287_tiny.JPG 7348img2513_tiny.JPG 7348img2517_tiny.JPG 7348img5290_tiny.JPG 7348img2510_tiny.JPG 7348img2516_tiny.JPG 7348img2657_tiny.JPG 7348img2658_tiny.JPG 7348img2660_tiny.JPG 7348img5291_tiny.JPG 7348img2662_tiny.JPG 7348img2664_tiny.JPG 7348img2665_tiny.JPG 7348img2666_tiny.JPG 7348img2667_tiny.JPG 7348img2670_tiny.JPG 7348img2672_tiny.JPG 7348img5337_tiny.JPG 7348img5335_tiny.JPG 7348img2683_tiny.JPG 7348img2686_tiny.JPG 7348img2691_tiny.JPG 7348img2692_tiny.JPG 7348img2693_tiny.JPG 7348img2694_tiny.JPG 7348img2696_tiny.JPG 7348img2697_tiny.JPG 7348img2701_tiny.JPG 7348img2703_tiny.JPG 7348img2705_tiny.JPG 7348img2708_tiny.JPG 7348img2719_tiny.JPG 7348img2720_tiny.JPG
"Please don't light the van on fire Leo..." –Ed T.
Posted November 17th, 2010 by time flies by in this world and what can we do about it

Dekline Bennett, Austin and Diego flashback

 Burnout just posted some old photos of Austin, Diego and Matt B over at the Thrasher site
73531dk_tiny.jpg 73532dk_tiny.jpg 73533dk_tiny.jpg
Matt B hits a rail at NC State.
Posted November 16th, 2010 by Sinclair

Pig Wheels Jimmy Carlin

 Skateboarder links up with Jimmy Carlin for Tuesday 25
Posted November 16th, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 11

Unlikely paths crossing at random...
7344img2530_tiny.JPG 7344img2529_tiny.JPG 7344img2538_tiny.JPG 7344img2545_tiny.JPG 7344img2526_tiny.JPG 7344img2556_tiny.JPG 7344img2560_tiny.JPG 7344img2565_tiny.JPG 7344img2567_tiny.JPG 7344img2576_tiny.JPG 7344img2578_tiny.JPG 7344img2589_tiny.JPG 7344img2587_tiny.JPG 7344img2590_tiny.JPG 7344img2591_tiny.JPG 7344img2592_tiny.JPG 7344img2602_tiny.JPG 7344img2605_tiny.JPG 7344img2608_tiny.JPG 7344img2613_tiny.JPG 7344img2614_tiny.JPG 7344img2619_tiny.JPG 7344img2623_tiny.JPG 7344img2626_tiny.JPG 7344img2627_tiny.JPG 7344img2629_tiny.JPG 7344img2639_tiny.JPG 7344img2642_tiny.JPG
What the hell?
Posted November 16th, 2010 by well there you go, it can happen here and did

Dekline Nick Merlino

 Nick has the cover and interview in the latest FTK magazine. Click here for a sneak peak 
Posted November 15th, 2010 by Sinclair

Foundation Corey Duffel photo

 TWS just posted a new Duffel photo. 
Posted November 15th, 2010 by Sinclair

Pig Wheels Daniel Lutheran

Swears by the Pig Swiss

Posted November 15th, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 10

The road to redemption in Albuquerque New Mexico...
7343img2416_tiny.JPG 7343img2413_tiny.JPG 7343img2414_tiny.JPG 7343img2417_tiny.JPG 7343img2419_tiny.JPG 7343img2424_tiny.JPG 7343img2429_tiny.JPG 7343img2433_tiny.JPG 7343img2434_tiny.JPG 7343img2435_tiny.JPG 7343img2438_tiny.JPG 7343img2440_tiny.JPG 7343img2441_tiny.JPG 7343img2443_tiny.JPG 7343img2466_tiny.JPG 7343img2470_tiny.JPG 7343img2473_tiny.JPG 7343img2480_tiny.JPG 7343img2483_tiny.JPG 7343img2486_tiny.JPG 7343img2489_tiny.JPG
Kevin wonders what the day will hold.
Posted November 15th, 2010 by still old (in skating, not life), but getting shit done.

Dekline Matt Bennett, Diego Bucchieri, Austin Stephens & Jordan Taylor

Still on the road with Toy Machine, check the Toy site for all of the tour updates.

Posted November 14th, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 9

Daniel Lutheran's house, Albuquerque. And yes, he has pretty much the coolest parents alive.
7342img2368_tiny.JPG 7342img2371_tiny.JPG 7342img2375_tiny.JPG 7342img2380_tiny.JPG 7342img2385_tiny.JPG 7342img2392_tiny.JPG 7342img2394_tiny.JPG 7342img2397_tiny.JPG 7342img2400_tiny.JPG 7342img2403_tiny.JPG 7342img2407_tiny.JPG 7342img5274_tiny.JPG 7342img5275_tiny.JPG 7342img5281_tiny.JPG 7342img5306_tiny.JPG 7342img5307_tiny.JPG 7342img5308_tiny.JPG 7342img5310_tiny.JPG 7342img5312_tiny.jpg 7342img5313_tiny.JPG 7342img5314_tiny.JPG 7342img5316_tiny.JPG 7342img5317_tiny.JPG 7342img5318_tiny.JPG 7342img5319_tiny.JPG 7342img5320_tiny.JPG 7342img5321_tiny.JPG 7342img5322_tiny.JPG 7342img5323_tiny.JPG
In Dan-Lu's backyard, among may other fun things, is a mini-ramp. Harmony goes pivot to fakie.
Posted November 14th, 2010 by The crusty old overlord of all of his minions.

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 8

Oh yeah, that demo in Albuquerque I mentioned...
7340img2227_tiny.JPG 7340img2229_tiny.JPG 7340img2231_tiny.JPG 7340img2237_tiny.JPG 7340img2241_tiny.JPG 7340img2244_tiny.JPG 7340img2257_tiny.JPG 7340img2258_tiny.JPG 7340img2259_tiny.JPG 7340img2264_tiny.JPG 7340img2269_tiny.JPG 7340img2272_tiny.JPG 7340img2288_tiny.JPG 7340img2293_tiny.JPG 7340img2295_tiny.JPG 7340img2305_tiny.JPG 7340img2312_tiny.JPG 7340img2319_tiny.JPG 7340img2324_tiny.JPG 7340img2327_tiny.JPG 7340img2330_tiny.JPG 7340img2331_tiny.JPG 7340img2333_tiny.JPG 7340img2341_tiny.JPG 7340img2346_tiny.JPG 7340img2351_tiny.JPG 7340img2355_tiny.JPG
Leo gets rad on the rail... did I even need to say that?
Posted November 13th, 2010 by old and broken ribs, salty cocaine

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 7

Falling way behind... But I'm too busy juggling a raging group of testosterone fueled boys, driving, and getting physically damaged right now. You will see it all eventually.
7339img5190_tiny.JPG 7339img5191_tiny.JPG 7339img5195_tiny.JPG 7339img5215_tiny.JPG 7339img5217_tiny.JPG 7339img5218_tiny.JPG 7339img5219_tiny.JPG 7339img5220_tiny.JPG 7339img5221_tiny.JPG 7339img5222_tiny.JPG 7339img5224_tiny.JPG 7339img5225_tiny.JPG 7339img5227_tiny.JPG 7339img5232_tiny.JPG 7339img5234_tiny.JPG 7339img5236_tiny.JPG 7339img5246_tiny.JPG 7339img5263_tiny.JPG 7339img5262_tiny.JPG
Welcome Loyal Pawns.
Posted November 12th, 2010 by photos by ed, death by cement

Dekline Bennett, Austin and Jordan update

The crew is out on the road with Toy. Check Toy Machine's site and follow the madness.

Posted November 12th, 2010 by Sinclair

Pig Wheels Jimmy Carlin

 TWS 10 Freaks
Posted November 11th, 2010 by Sinclair

Foundation OG Star & Moon decks!

Made at Watson Laminates USA. Available in metallic green, purple and red. Side cuts, snub nose and wheel wells. Makes for great cruiser beast and TV tray. Demand yours today!

Posted November 11th, 2010 by swankzine

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 6

I'm falling behind! Too many photos to share with you perceptive minions.
7335img1970_tiny.JPG 7335img1972_tiny.JPG 7335img1975_tiny.JPG 7335img2018_tiny.JPG 7335img2019_tiny.JPG 7335img2040_tiny.JPG 7335img2045_tiny.JPG 7335img2048_tiny.JPG 7335img2063_tiny.JPG 7335img2092_tiny.JPG 7335img2093_tiny.JPG 7335img2102_tiny.JPG 7335img2107_tiny.JPG 7335img2108_tiny.JPG 7335img2112_tiny.JPG 7335img2115_tiny.JPG 7335img2118_tiny.JPG 7335img2123_tiny.JPG 7335img2124_tiny.JPG 7335img2125_tiny.JPG 7335img2135_tiny.JPG 7335img2138_tiny.JPG 7335img2140_tiny.JPG 7335img2160_tiny.JPG 7335img2167_tiny.JPG 7335img2169_tiny.JPG 7335img2171_tiny.JPG 7335img2175_tiny.JPG 7335img2190_tiny.JPG 7335img2196_tiny.JPG 7335img2200_tiny.JPG 7335img2203_tiny.JPG 7335img2206_tiny.JPG 7335img2214_tiny.JPG 7335img2221_tiny.JPG
Flying Star restaurant, our jam in Albuquerque.
Posted November 11th, 2010 by Photos: Sinclair, Tempelton. Blog: Templeton

Foundation Typical Culture video feature...

Our friends at Typical Culture feature the great backyard ramp session for their D.I.Y week, with Ft. Matt Kriegel, Tum Yeto Rep David Jurusik, my best friend, Chris LaRue & TC head, Dowdy rip it up. Check out this killer little backyard set up.

Posted November 10th, 2010 by swankzine

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 5

More, more, more. Less words, more photos.
7332img1819_tiny.JPG 7332img1825_tiny.JPG 7332img1827_tiny.JPG 7332img1843_tiny.JPG 7332img1846_tiny.JPG 7332img1848_tiny.JPG 7332img1849_tiny.JPG 7332img1856_tiny.JPG 7332img1861_tiny.JPG 7332img1867_tiny.JPG 7332img1869_tiny.JPG 7332img1873_tiny.JPG 7332img1874_tiny.JPG 7332img1878_tiny.JPG 7332img1881_tiny.JPG 7332img1883_tiny.JPG 7332img1888_tiny.JPG 7332img1892_tiny.JPG 7332img1894_tiny.JPG 7332img1897_tiny.JPG 7332img1900_tiny.JPG 7332img1905_tiny.JPG 7332img1910_tiny.JPG 7332img1914_tiny.JPG 7332img1921_tiny.JPG 7332img1922_tiny.JPG 7332img5200_tiny.JPG 7332img5203_tiny.JPG 7332img5204_tiny.JPG 7332img5206_tiny.JPG 7332img5210_tiny.JPG 7332img5212_tiny.JPG 7332img5213_tiny.JPG 7332img5207_tiny.JPG 7332img1935_tiny.JPG 7332img1937_tiny.JPG 7332img1938_tiny.JPG 7332img1941_tiny.JPG 7332img1947_tiny.JPG 7332img1948_tiny.JPG 7332img1949_tiny.JPG 7332img1966_tiny.JPG 7332img1969_tiny.JPG
Deanna holds down her seat.
Gear 4 a Year winner interview...
Posted November 10th, 2010 by whole team together at last...

Foundation Corey Duffel says a lot of things....

The Duffman returns. Available in two sizes and a Fiberprime deck. What are you doing right now? I am working here at TYHQ. Not Corey. Me, Tod. It is just after 5:pm and everyone is leaving. I can write anything I want here because no one reads it anyways. Ho dee do dee...

Posted November 9th, 2010 by swankzine

Foundation Dan Murphy

Check out some rad photos of Dan over at Highway 52.

Posted November 9th, 2010 by Sinclair

Dekline Austin, Diego, Bennett & Jordan

All the guys are still out on the Toy Machine South West Tour. Check Toy Machine for all the updates.

Posted November 8th, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 4

Continuing images from the front lines of Toy tour.
7329img1519_tiny.JPG 7329img1510_tiny.JPG 7329img1520_tiny.JPG 7329img1524_tiny.JPG 7329img1525_tiny.JPG 7329img1526_tiny.JPG 7329img1539_tiny.JPG 7329img1565_tiny.JPG 7329img1566_tiny.JPG 7329img1577_tiny.JPG 7329img1575_tiny.JPG 7329img1592_tiny.JPG 7329img1598_tiny.JPG 7329img1603_tiny.JPG 7329img1619_tiny.JPG 7329img1625_tiny.JPG 7329img1630_tiny.JPG 7329img1647_tiny.JPG 7329img1650_tiny.JPG 7329img1652_tiny.JPG 7329img1663_tiny.JPG 7329img1672_tiny.JPG 7329img1680_tiny.JPG 7329img1682_tiny.JPG 7329img1684_tiny.JPG 7329img1685_tiny.JPG 7329img1689_tiny.JPG 7329img1690_tiny.JPG 7329img1718_tiny.JPG 7329img1720_tiny.JPG 7329img1759_tiny.JPG 7329img1764_tiny.JPG 7329img1775_tiny.JPG 7329img1778_tiny.JPG 7329img1786_tiny.JPG 7329img1796_tiny.JPG 7329img1799_tiny.JPG 7329img1802_tiny.JPG 7329img1805_tiny.JPG 7329img1809_tiny.JPG 7329img1813_tiny.JPG
Billy hates "banks and ditches" so he sat a session out.

Vote Billy the raddest dad in skateboarding!
Posted November 8th, 2010 by my head is exploding again.

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 3

A new day, but still in Vegas. So many spots.
7327img1339_tiny.JPG 7327img1340_tiny.JPG 7327img1344_tiny.JPG 7327img1345_tiny.JPG 7327img1346_tiny.JPG 7327img1348_tiny.JPG 7327img1349_tiny.JPG 7327img1358_tiny.JPG 7327img1359_tiny.JPG 7327img1361_tiny.JPG 7327img1367_tiny.JPG 7327img1382_tiny.JPG 7327img1383_tiny.JPG 7327img1387_tiny.JPG 7327img1399_tiny.JPG 7327img1400_tiny.JPG 7327img1408_tiny.JPG 7327img1425_tiny.JPG 7327img1424_tiny.JPG 7327img1431_tiny.JPG 7327img1451_tiny.JPG 7327img1470_tiny.JPG 7327img1487_tiny.JPG 7327img1489_tiny.JPG 7327img1499_tiny.JPG 7327img1507_tiny.JPG
Austin Stephens getting sizzled in a ditch.
Posted November 8th, 2010 by well I thought we had a good time...

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 2

Traveling the road that is increasingly unforgiving, yet always beautiful.
7326img5082_tiny.JPG 7326img5084_tiny.JPG 7326img5085_tiny.JPG 7326img5086_tiny.JPG 7326img5090_tiny.JPG 7326img5094_tiny.JPG 7326img5098_tiny.JPG 7326img5103_tiny.jpg 7326img5104_tiny.JPG 7326img5107_tiny.JPG 7326img5108_tiny.JPG 7326img5121_tiny.JPG 7326img5129_tiny.JPG 7326img5143_tiny.JPG 7326img5144_tiny.JPG 7326img5146_tiny.JPG 7326img5152_tiny.JPG 7326img5154_tiny.JPG 7326img5157_tiny.JPG 7326img5162_tiny.JPG 7326img5165_tiny.JPG 7326img5166_tiny.JPG 7326img5167_tiny.JPG 7326img5169_tiny.JPG 7326img5173_tiny.JPG 7326img5175_tiny.jpg 7326img5176_tiny.JPG 7326img5177_tiny.JPG 7326img5178_tiny.JPG 7326img5179_tiny.JPG 7326img5180_tiny.JPG 7326img5182_tiny.JPG 7326img5183_tiny.JPG 7326img5184_tiny.JPG 7326img5188_tiny.JPG 7326img5189_tiny.JPG
Vegas + Billy + Money = Money-Gone, but not always.
Posted November 6th, 2010 by the same old butthole as always

Foundation Nick Merlino / FTK cover

Here is a sneak peak of the latest FTK Mag.

Posted November 6th, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 1.5

Slow connection in Gallup, NM
Matt B at Pharmacy in Las Vegas.
More posts coming soon - when I get a faster connection.
Posted November 6th, 2010 by argh

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 1 continued

I wasn't done yet.
7323img1231_tiny.JPG 7323img1236_tiny.JPG 7323img5113_tiny.JPG 7323img5114_tiny.JPG 7323img5117_tiny.jpg 7323img1237_tiny.JPG 7323img1242_tiny.JPG 7323img1244_tiny.JPG 7323img1258_tiny.JPG 7323img1264_tiny.JPG 7323img1267_tiny.JPG 7323img1272_tiny.JPG 7323img1274_tiny.JPG 7323img5065_tiny.JPG 7323img5068_tiny.JPG 7323img5070_tiny.JPG 7323img5072_tiny.JPG 7323img5075_tiny.JPG
Always a classic.
Posted November 5th, 2010 by Edwina via Sinclair via Americas Armpit via Monsters

Dekline Nick Merlino update

Nick had a bet going on how many tries it would take him to switch ollie the Kanten Russel gap in Long Beach...
73151merlino_tiny.JPG 73152merlino_tiny.jpg 73153merlino_tiny.jpg
It's big
Posted November 5th, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine Brainwash Tour 2010: PART 1

Images collected so far minus anything that gives away the actual rippage, that you will have to wait for Thrasher Magazine to see. But rest assured, rippage has gone down.
7322img0882_tiny.JPG 7322img0889_tiny.JPG 7322img0893_tiny.JPG 7322img0898_tiny.JPG 7322img0899_tiny.JPG 7322img0904_tiny.JPG 7322img0907_tiny.JPG 7322img0909_tiny.JPG 7322img0912_tiny.JPG 7322img0913_tiny.JPG 7322img0916_tiny.JPG 7322img0917_tiny.JPG 7322img1003_tiny.JPG 7322img1006_tiny.JPG 7322img1011_tiny.JPG 7322img1016_tiny.JPG 7322img1019_tiny.JPG 7322img1025_tiny.JPG 7322img1027_tiny.JPG 7322img1049_tiny.JPG 7322img1072_tiny.JPG 7322img1073_tiny.JPG 7322img1074_tiny.JPG 7322img1076_tiny.JPG 7322img1082_tiny.JPG 7322img1095_tiny.JPG 7322img1099_tiny.JPG 7322img1102_tiny.JPG 7322img1108_tiny.JPG 7322img1120_tiny.JPG 7322img1121_tiny.JPG 7322img1123_tiny.JPG 7322img1131_tiny.JPG 7322img1132_tiny.JPG 7322img1133_tiny.JPG 7322img1143_tiny.JPG 7322img1146_tiny.JPG 7322img1150_tiny.JPG 7322img1171_tiny.JPG 7322img1174_tiny.JPG 7322img1177_tiny.JPG 7322img1211_tiny.JPG 7322img1214_tiny.JPG 7322img1220_tiny.JPG 7322img1221_tiny.JPG 7322img1225_tiny.JPG 7322img1229_tiny.JPG 7322img1230_tiny.JPG
Lets get this show on the road. Leaving Long Beach, CA
Posted November 4th, 2010 by photos by Mike Sinclair, yeah Mike!

Foundation We are so advanced we don't even know what we are talking about!

Did I post this already? It's a skateboard, it's a shovel, it's a walking cane.

You should go now and purchase one immediately. I mean right now.


Posted November 4th, 2010 by swankzine

Dekline Jordan Taylor window at Mcgills

Dekline and Toy Machine team rider, Jordan Taylor sliding through a window
Thank for the support Mcgills!

7320mcgillsjordanwindow2_tiny.JPG 7320mcgillsjordanwindow3_tiny.JPG 7320jdjustseeingthejorda_tiny.JPG

Posted November 3rd, 2010

Foundation Dan Murphy

Dan is keeping it old school back in NC. Check the Post 22 site to keep track of what's going down back in the Raleigh, NC area.

Posted November 3rd, 2010 by Sinclair

Dekline Bennett, Austin and Jordan

Matt Bennett, Austin Stephens and Jordan Taylor just headed out on Toy Machine's South West tour. Check the Toy site for all the tour updates.

Posted November 1st, 2010 by Sinclair

Pig Wheels Jamie Tancowny

Catch up with Jamie Tancowny. Heal up soon little buddy!!!

Posted November 1st, 2010 by Sinclair

Toy Machine The 3rd annual Halloween Demo MEGA-POST

Toy Machine + Active + Halloween = (see below)
7311img0525_tiny.jpg 7311img0528_tiny.JPG 7311img0529_tiny.JPG 7311img0530_tiny.JPG 7311img0531_tiny.jpg 7311img0534_tiny.jpg 7311img0535_tiny.JPG 7311img0536_tiny.JPG 7311img0537_tiny.jpg 7311img0540_tiny.jpg 7311img0543_tiny.JPG 7311img0544_tiny.jpg 7311img0548_tiny.jpg 7311img0551_tiny.jpg 7311img0558_tiny.jpg 7311img0559_tiny.JPG 7311img0567_tiny.JPG 7311img0570_tiny.jpg 7311img0573_tiny.JPG 7311img0575_tiny.JPG 7311img0577_tiny.jpg 7311img0585_tiny.jpg 7311img0586_tiny.jpg 7311img0591_tiny.jpg 7311img0592_tiny.jpg 7311img0594_tiny.JPG 7311img0598_tiny.JPG 7311img0602_tiny.JPG 7311img0605_tiny.JPG 7311img0607_tiny.JPG 7311img0612_tiny.JPG 7311img0618_tiny.jpg 7311img0620_tiny.JPG 7311img0621_tiny.JPG 7311img0623_tiny.JPG 7311img0632_tiny.jpg 7311img0639_tiny.jpg 7311img0641_tiny.jpg 7311img0645_tiny.JPG 7311img0648_tiny.jpg 7311img0651_tiny.jpg 7311img5034_tiny.JPG 7311img5040_tiny.JPG 7311img0653_tiny.jpg 7311img0654_tiny.JPG 7311img0655_tiny.jpg 7311img0656_tiny.jpg 7311img0657_tiny.JPG 7311img0659_tiny.JPG 7311img0660_tiny.jpg 7311img0661_tiny.jpg 7311img0663_tiny.jpg 7311img0674_tiny.jpg 7311img0679_tiny.JPG 7311img0681_tiny.JPG 7311img0688_tiny.JPG 7311img0690_tiny.JPG 7311img0693_tiny.JPG 7311img0694_tiny.JPG 7311img0699_tiny.JPG 7311img0701_tiny.JPG 7311img0703_tiny.JPG 7311img0710_tiny.jpg 7311img0716_tiny.JPG 7311img0722_tiny.jpg 7311img0725_tiny.jpg 7311img0727_tiny.jpg 7311img0729_tiny.jpg 7311img0734_tiny.JPG 7311img0735_tiny.jpg 7311img0745_tiny.jpg 7311img0750_tiny.jpg 7311img0751_tiny.JPG 7311img0754_tiny.JPG 7311img0755_tiny.jpg 7311img0759_tiny.JPG 7311img0771_tiny.JPG 7311img0772_tiny.JPG 7311img0774_tiny.JPG 7311img0776_tiny.jpg 7311img0777_tiny.jpg 7311img0778_tiny.JPG 7311img0779_tiny.jpg 7311img0785_tiny.JPG 7311img0787_tiny.JPG 7311img0789_tiny.JPG 7311img0793_tiny.jpg 7311img0795_tiny.jpg 7311img0796_tiny.jpg 7311img0798_tiny.jpg 7311img0805_tiny.JPG 7311img0810_tiny.JPG 7311img0814_tiny.jpg 7311img0815_tiny.jpg 7311img0821_tiny.jpg 7311img0824_tiny.JPG 7311img0831_tiny.JPG 7311img0832_tiny.JPG 7311img0835_tiny.JPG 7311img0836_tiny.jpg 73111_tiny.JPG 7311img0842_tiny.JPG 7311img0847_tiny.JPG 7311img0851_tiny.JPG 7311img0852_tiny.JPG 7311img0853_tiny.JPG 7311img0854_tiny.JPG 7311img0857_tiny.jpg 7311img0858_tiny.JPG 7311img0860_tiny.JPG 7311img0870_tiny.JPG 7311img0872_tiny.JPG 7311halloweendemo_tiny.jpg 7311toytourflyer_tiny.jpg
Mike Sinclair took a lot of photos, and I'm putting them all up, so enjoy.
Oh, and if you are in Oregon or Washington up there in the Pacific Northwest, go to the BRAINWASH PREMIERE at Exit Real World shop in Oregon!
See a ton more phtoos at Lucky R's flicker page!!!!
Also, did I mention that
BRAINWASH comes out November 15th on DVD and iTunes
Posted November 1st, 2010 by the old guy who takes 2 hours to land a trick

Toy Machine Pharmacy LA - Brainwash Premiere

Los Angeles brings out the local skate celebs.
7308img0479_tiny.jpg 7308img0480_tiny.JPG 7308img0489_tiny.JPG 7308img0493_tiny.JPG 7308img0496_tiny.JPG 7308img0497_tiny.JPG 7308img0500_tiny.jpg 7308img0501_tiny.JPG 7308img0503_tiny.JPG 7308img0505_tiny.JPG 7308img0506_tiny.JPG 7308img0507_tiny.JPG 7308img0508_tiny.JPG 7308img4985_tiny.JPG 7308img4972_tiny.JPG 7308img4974_tiny.JPG 7308img4977_tiny.JPG 7308img4979_tiny.JPG 7308img4976_tiny.JPG 7308img4970_tiny.JPG 7308img4978_tiny.JPG 7308img0513_tiny.JPG 7308img0517_tiny.JPG 7308img0518_tiny.JPG 7308img0520_tiny.JPG 7308img4982_tiny.JPG 7308img4983_tiny.JPG 7308img0523_tiny.JPG
Diego and Kevin hold it down.
Posted November 1st, 2010 by oh shit it's the Muska...